Why so less gems for defending good

Hey Madlen,

Why we getting so less gems for defending good? Normal criterion is 2 gems for each time warp. I got 5 for 3 time warps. Why you guys cant keep it 50% of the gems used by raider should go to defender. Existing reward for good defence is pathetic.

No clue why they have drop the ratio. Before if someone used 4 or 5 scrolls plus die 4 or 5 times then a easy 50 gems+ now probably something like 20 or less. With the new Conquest in 4.0 and the need of gems now. Flare should re up the ratio like before. We need gems more than never.

13% only is really low. Before If I remember that was 20% of what attacker spends. So if someone spends 200 gems you will gain very low amount. What is the reason behind this? why drop 20% to 13%? strange decision…

There was never a drop. It was always 13%.

Wow. Some attackers spent 100 gems a battle. So he gave 769 ?


So you say that veteran and old CM like Alysea have lie all this time with the answer of 20%? its really what you said? I don’t know if those topic still on the forum somewhere but in the past that was 20% of what player have spends. So 13% is a drop yes

that was something like for 200 gems that give 40 gems for the defender. So for someone who gain 100 gems that was like someone have spend 500 gems. that was the old ratio. I think i have keep my old video of gems who show that was 20%

It was indeed 1 gem per 7-8 gems spend. That gem ratio is fine with me.

I would be happy when gems for cof would be reduced to 8-10 and that after paying gems, next chest always is success. That way we would not need 45 gems to find 100- skulls.


Warrirornator. Please calm down.

I am just forwarding the answer from the dev. If something has changed in an ancient past time like I dunno 2 years or so and maybe that person before in charge had made a change, I wouldn’t know.

So let me correct my statement above, there was no change in a looong time. Before that I don’t know.

Don’t worrie I am calm. I just have clarify some point for the one who didn’t know this (for new players). so now its clear in the past that was 20%. So its ok now to know the ratio have change since. Good to know. Good information. Thank you

PS : I check with my video the exact old ratio wait a minute. really hard to say i don,t have the value for each scrolls. Seem to be more like 9% before

160 gems give 14 gems

20 gems give 1 gem

Seem more like 8% maybe

I think the information who circulate on the forum was wrong over 4 years. No chance that was 15% or 20% like pretending on the forum

i was level 105 or around so opponent was level 100-110

if i remember if you die its 40 gems. Armageddon is 20 gems and Apocalypse is 6 gems

In my previous post i have said the ratio have drop but seem to me more the ratio has up. So if its the case its more than awesome

8% to 13% its cool. Thanks


Hi Madlen, then take my request to developers to increase it to 50% now. There is ever growing demand for gems now. U need gems for all sort of things. Earlier it was only for AT, now we need for pro as well as for stronghold buildings. So ask developers to increase it to 50%

Yeah, like that will ever happen. If anything, they’ll increase the amount of gems you need for everything by 50%, not give you 50% more free gems. The default answer to all “gimme gems!” requests is “talk to your wallet”.

While 50% could be too much, I think we can all agree that 13% is not that much really.

at least 25% should be ok. I don’t know I found that not normal to receive gems. Think someone spend 5$,10$ or 50$ to buy gems and you give them to many strangers. I don’t know I found that weird to give our gems. I found maybe more logic if that was Voucher because you cannot buy Voucher. Maybe its the main reason why I don’t want and probably will stay free to player all my life in a online game. I am not really a fan of idea to give what we gains to someone else 

Whatever amount , it certainly should be way more than it is now! Players should receive a good, fair portion of gems spent to beat their base!!!

Just more greed in my humble opinion!

Since the last update that is mandatory to use scrolls in high game , the less you can do it is to increment the ratio

I agree but flare wants gems.  Lol

13% for us and 87% for Flare. I want to renegotiate the percentage of split. 50%-50% seem more appropriate. 

Cap of 100 is too low now…we need gems fr so many things now…stronghold, BS, AT, ninja, wars, pro tickets…please flare increase our share

I thought it was 10%.