why so unfair to people that play on pc

i see that all these people get free gems playing on phone, but i play on pc, where are my free gems??? really makes game for windows users suck if u ask me, i spent a little cash but wont now, i found out that all these people get free gems and i dont, very not cool of game to do that, if thats the case should give all windows users cash back and get rid of game on windows

oh i dont get why they cant just get something f\defferent for windows users, i see on other stuff all the time, on omvu i use windows so many offers http://www.imvu.com/offers/, i dont need phone, why u cant get some of them, so again, there is a way to do it, and u might actually have windows users if u made more fair, instead u make us say, why the fck i pay to play ur game when u give crap to others, so now i want my 10 bucks back and refuse to spend another dime on ur game, its not fair and for u to ignore and not take care of issues sucks

was thinking, maybe cuz windows users spend more money they dont give us the free stuff, mmmm, maybe thats it, i know allot of people play games on computers, not phones, and spend loads, phones are kids play

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Free gems by playing on phone? How?

No free gems or bread on Windows phone. Not sure what fanta is on about.

no not on windows, ir other phones, all windows gets screwed over look other post on it, they have area for free gems and free stuff, we dont have that, makes the game play unfair and gives advantage to players who dont use windows

I agree with fanta i play in my WP also, it sucks that ive spent 45€ of my money when other players will get it for free overtime. But also spending my earned money is my choice, still, free gems should available in the same terms for everyone!

And when we talk about free gems and stuff, how much is that on a daily basis? Are we talking about 1 gem, a few, hundreds? Just curious (as I’m a Windows phone user). Does that compete with the daily chests (I’m getting 50 to 60 gems a day)?

An old friend done one thing on Tapjoy for 5020 gems. He had to pay a subscription for a bingo site for £10 which his partner wanted anyway so win win situation. They can get loads off Tapjoy! So now for me bases can be so unpredictably strong as the tapjoy/free video players can upgrade alot faster than windows players and I would be none the wiser

On Android phones you have 2 ways to get free gems every day… 1. Watching video. 2. Watching video on Tapjoy (any other kind of Tapjoy ways of getting gems does not work properly). From 4 to 15 gems you can collect every day.

Humm not bad and not quite fair indeed. Arg, I’m just doing without it. Who said that life was fair??  :wacko:

I play on iOS,sometimes I get unlimited bread by watching video,after this game I play almost a year,I accumulated almost 5000gems on watching the free ad.never pay a dime to play this game.each time the upgrade,the new building almost all sucks our gems.the latest blacksmith needs pearl.10diamonds spent=1pearl

Unlimited bread :open_mouth:

yeah i spent 10 bucks, was going to spend more, but when i found out the practices of this company i wish i didnt spend 10 now, they will get no more from me, so glad i read forums, change and make fair, there are loads of companies that do stuff when u play on computers, or make ur own site, i play other games na d no one says they get free stuff and others do not, u need to change ur policy now, or make ur own videos and such for windows players so we can get free stuff, advice to all windows players dont spend any cash

like give us all unlimited bread, why only certain people get that, why cant we get stuff, if u guys to stupid to figure out how to make fair, then dont put ur shit on windows, that way u can give everyone free stuff and u wont make any cash from people, just from surveys

Guys, as mentioned here already, there’s a special thread for this on the forums. It’s called “A call against flares discrimination of windows users”

Please add your voices there as well.

they not only unfair, but they also charge people who have paid allot more for stuff, i doing test and wow, what a difference, i paid 0 this account got no offer for the starter package, so used gems from tapjoy to buy all the things i wanted, then got a 350 offer for 1 more helper 1 gold chamber up and over 200k gold, not so great as starter, which should goto everyone, but my account i was stupid enough to spen 10 bucks on and cant get free stuff cuz is on windows, omg they sent over over 1500 gems, i was like but i have only like 200, so yeah if u spent just like 10 bucks they really screw u over this game, i was laughing so hard, i use to play dragon pals, those guys were very smart how to make money and keep people happy, these guys very stupid, make windows users quit if they happen to read forums and see the threads, oh also i have over 1500 gems left, i paid full price for wrker and the 2 slots to be open, cost me like 1500 gems for that, should have got that for 330 gems, but game screwed me on that one, if u use windows. download android, its the andy one, u get loads of gems, and u can get everything free, u cannot put ur windows account in there, but hey start new account play both and do test like me, its so funny, i also have on galaxy, they did give that one the 330 starter package, so dont get to many gems or they wont offer u starter package, also wait for 2x gems and then get good ones, cuz u get loads then, if u play windows, play free, cuz they really screw u there with offers

they sent me a gem offer over 1500 gems and i have 200 only, that on account i spent a lil cash on, just read the 1 above so wanted everyone to know, if u play windows, the game royally screws u over, not only do they give u anything, ur affers are also way more money for gems, so, i just want players to know this, personally if i ever do play any other falre games, will never spend a dime on them, cuz i know now how they are, even kabam games gives people same offers, lmao, they really screw woth people at flare games, i do plan to go review flares games on sights if i find any, if u guys no of any please leave me message