Why someone can win 40-50+ trophy from me per raid?

I have never seen anyone can give me 30-50+ trophy per raid, even from matchmaker or top 10 base.

Why there are few people (not all) can always took 40-50+ trophy per raid from my base when they 90%-100% my base? How do they do that? Some of them even higher rank than me

same here eben jeorgi can get more then 10 trophies from me per raid this is unfair he is 5900 trophies and i am 5000 trophies player i dont know how trophies thing is working because i can aslo get only 9 to 10 trophies from jeorgi per raid this is unfair tho few peoples can get 9 trophies from me even they are 5300 trophies player they attack me simultaneolsy 3 times and all 3 times they can get 9 to 10 trophies and when i attack them i can get only 4 to 5 trophies from them per raid stupid trophies mechanism 

either the defender or the raider a trophy dumper or the defender gained too many trophies in short time but 40+ usually due to dumping activity

8-15 trophies is normal for me, few people can took 30-50 trophies a raid from my base. Probably they lost a lot of raids before they raid me, trophy dumped before they raid me as explained above?

I think they put away all their defenses so that the game thinks they’re weaker than they are, then they put their defenses back before they log off.

i notice that if the mutual player rarely raid each other before, trophy gain via match make will be huge. 


Trophy dump from raider might be one reason as well, but i don’t think affect so much. I think frequency of raiding the same person is the key. 

Actually i play most matchmaker for about few days now. I notice if I lose too many raid or trophy from raiding, matchmaker will give me more trophy if I win. The most I have seen is around 35. That may explain why some people can gain 40-50 from my base. Because they have lost too many trophy from raiding, either trophy dump or bad luck.

if u rarely win player A (or worse, mostly lose to player A) , and u get player A via match make, then trophy will be high

I saw such 40 trophy opponents on match maker as well, and some of those have NEVER ever been attacked by me before. So I don’t think previous battles against the same person are the decisive factor here. 


Also I have noticed that some players that are several hundred trophies above me and have much tougher bases than me got a 20 trophies for 80% raids on me, while I only see like 8 trophies from them (for 100% win). 


Also I have seen bases give the same amount of trophies and medals no matter whether inside of an alliance (with like 6 or more elite boosts among most-used troop and structure types) or outside of an alliance (with 0 boosts). 


Lately I really think the trophy/medal loot algorithm needs some reworking… raiding skill gets punished with worse and worse rewards for harder and harder matchmaking opponents while failing (and tropy dumping) with better own stats gets rewarded with tons of easy loot at same trophy level… that way it’s not only pay to win but also fail to prosper…