why special offers are not given properly ?

Every day I used to get special offers about getting 3rd slot for unit ,power and workers and bla bla bla but I didn’t have that much diamond at that time but now I have diamonds but I get no offer.is that for I am playing for free that’s why?

Yes, sort of. The game is a bit evil and only gives you packages when you dont have grms to buy it. This is a way to ‘encourage’ you to buy gems.

A way to trick the system, is to save up your quests and dungeons so you can when the gems fast when you have an offer.

When I started the game I never saw a deal more than 1,500 gems, so when I got to over 1,500 I was like “yes now I can afford any deal that comes” HA!! I was naive obviously because it never came. One deal did maybe a week later but it was a “Construction Package” that levelled up maybe 3 buildings but of course, at alot more gems that I got!