Why stun spell don't work on berserk troop and building?

I am testing stun spell and discover something weird, after enemy wolf howl, the surrounding troop and building become strong. Then i use stun spell but only wolf stun, other object like tower and troop are still moving. Is that a bug ? Or it is designed in such way. I hope developer can answer the questions . thanks. 

stun spell has a range of 5.5(same as SwordRain).Only enemy troops and towers stun

Make sure those enemy troops and towers are in that range

If they are in the range but still dont get stun effect then it can be a bug I think

Sounds like invert hero scream boost (when hero scream nullify freeze-effect on your troops).

u dont understand my question. 


I am talking about wolf howling VS stun effect

There are two types of situation


  1. first u stun, then wolf come and howl

  2. wolf howl, then u use stun 


for the first case, naturally those stun object should wake up after wolf howl, which is ok for me since hero scream works that way


for second case, all other berserk object is still moving whereas ONLY berserk wolf stun. Which is weird right ? 

True, but I think if you have hero scream on for 1-2 secs and there’s a stunning ogre doing some bashing the troops don’t seem to get stunned either…


So overall, it would make sense for the Wolf not to be stunned…I think :grinning:

well if stun can stop berserk monster and tower, it will be really useful IMO

Will be interested in the outcome to your max stun usage. My stun will be maxed shortly but I guess I dont have Swordrain maxed(only 7) or blizzard to use with it. Would like to know what goes with Max Stun.

So, If I get this correctly, a howl-boosted wolf gets stunned while other howl-boosted units don’t get stunned under same circumstances?

Yes, that sounds like a bug then, if you ask me, as I assume the howling-boost shouldn’t work differently on some troop types.



Separate from this, but related, is the question what the desired/right behaviour is/should be: Either stun spell being able to stun howling-boosted troops if stun occurs after howl, or stun having no effect at howled troops at all?


While I agree that with howl being similar to hero scream, which overrides stuns/slowdowns even when those occur after the scream cast, it would seem more consistent to let also howl override later stuns (mummy, stun spell) and slowdowns (ice damage from hero, frosters, blizzard), there are also points that speak against it… among those are 1. howl and hero scream are different anyways (on defense there are also towers that can be buffed, while on offense there are no; there’s only 1 hero that may scream, while currently wolf-heavy bases are very common, making it possible to have up to 10 wolves in there at a time; range and cooldown time of howl and scream are different), and 2. a howl fully-equivalent to hero scream might just be overpowered from a balancing point of view.

Imagine every stun or blizzard slowdown gets revoked 1sec later by any howling wolf - that basically makes those spells mostly useless in wolf-heavy bases. With about every high level base being wolf-heavy currently, that would really affect usability and greatly counteracts the recent measures to buff those spells… especially the stun spell, basically doing no damage, would be quite pointless if there are 3 wolves next to you that each can totally nullify its effect no matter how well you time it…

Defensive Howl should not affect offensive Stun spell or Mummy/ogre stun effect. It will definite make Stun useless otherwise. As such still not sure how to effectively use it anyways. According to me SR/Blizzard will be a necessary spell with Stun.

stun is still effective, as long as u can prevent those raging wolves from howling. if hey howl, stun will still have effect on the howling wolves (and on most big monsters) but sometimes has no effect on the berserk (liitle) troops+towers nearby. is it a bug? dunno.


Lol problem is if only wolves can howl a pretty big area… i.e. standing in front of a barricade, they howl that one and even the one behind, as well as several towers in range and all other troops… so if they are able to howl, stun is not effective any more… with wolf being common… you pretty much need blizzard to kill wolves ahead and then use stun. (Blizzard+Stun might be effective, but stun without blizzard not)