Why the Basilisk at the gate change is inexcusable

Allow me to preface, for those that aren’t aware:

Your Royal Highnesses,

One fellow knight in our troops forgot to inform me about one last change that we have implemented with version 4.1.

It is as of now that basilisk towers will  not hide at the gate  anymore. We implemented this change based on community feedback and hope this will make it more pleasant for you Royal Highnesses to conquer other kingdoms.

We will make sure to punish this fellow knight with 1 hour in the dungeons.



What has essentially happened here was supposed to be a small QoL change, because the community has been asking for it, but in reality has changed completely how the Basilisk Tower functions when placed near the gate.

Basilisk Tower has 2 modes: Attack mode and Petrification mode. In order for it to attack, the Basilisk Tower needs to be hidden underground, so that it can swing and deal the nice damage it does. By forcing Basilisk Towers to be permanently over the ground level, means that they are now in a permanent Petrification mode; they only attempt to Petrify with a 70% chance. In case you are not aware, this does literally nothing to your troops when fighting an isolated Basilisk Tower (or even 4 of them, all at the gate, for that matter), as you just hit your own troops to un-petrify them.

A small QoL change that drastically changes how a tower functions, by removing HALF of what it does for no goddamn reason, is NOT a QoL change, let alone a good change. This was not communicated well, omitted from the patch notes (had to be posted separately by Madlen, as seen in the source link), and as per usual, was not argumented well at all.

The entire point of using Basilisk Towers at the gate was to make it more difficult for the attacker to get 100% on your base, and reduce it to 99-98%, but as we have all learned since this tower was introduced, this amounted up to a naught, because it is not difficult at all to clear 2 lvl 4 Basilisk Towers at the gate. Their underground/overground mechanic was what made it a tiny bit challenging, but everyone knows how to deal with that now.

Given how POORLY this change was communicated, given the lack of arguments to support the change (“We implemented this change based on community feedback and hope this will make it more pleasant for you Royal Highnesses to conquer other kingdoms.” - what?), but most importantly the fact that it makes the entire tower only about 15% useful compared to what it did prior (no ability to deal damage to petrified units = petrify is completely wasted), I have to ask Flare to revert this change immediatelly.

Take the time, think it over, TALK WITH US, don’t just hand us such a change on a platter saying ‘community feedback this, yadda yadda’. If you still think the tower requires changing as to how it functions at the gate - fine, but make the change A RATIONAL one, not one that nullifies the whole purpose of the tower by taking away its ability to do damage. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea?

Simple way to solve this: Don’t have Basilik’s by the gate. In the first place, there shouldn’t be any Gate towers, whatsoever. Second off, since Basiliks by that gate have been nerfed, why don’t you put something that deals damage next to the gate instead? I am personally very happy with this change and many others are as well

Yes I don’t see your problem at all. The whole point of your argument is that it deals basically no damage. So put a snake tower there, case closed.

You are just salty that the Gate Tower has been reverted back to the “standard Gate tower without Basilisk Tower”. The only thing that changed is the very fact that the Gate tower meta is reverted to the one before the Basilisk tower was introduced. The only difference is the huge boost in tower survivability contrary to before. So it’s basically an upgraded version of old Gate meta.

Your complaint is sketchy at best.

Yeah, don’t give me this BS that you have a Basilik at the gate so that you can destroy an army, or take out a few troops. Basiliks are placed by the gate for one reason and one reason only: to prevent players from getting 100%

I like having them for the simple fact is it gives the OCD’ers a meltdown when they can’t get 100%. ? I’ve been taken to task for supporting the gate towers, as my belief is as a tower defense game, you do what you need to do to make a defense as hard as you can.  If the towers at the gate are too tough, you adjust your offensive strategy accordingly. It’s called a challenge. Those at higher levels have said it is a different situation as things are maxed out. I understand their complaints too, but I’m just tired of everyone complaining constantly that things are too hard.  So you lose a battle, or don’t get 100%.  It just drives you to fight harder and think differently.  Kind of like the Pro League- they change up the combinations and if nothing else it gives you practice with the different units and you see their strengths and weaknesses.   To me, that’s part of the fun of any game. If you always win, where is the fun in the challenge?   Regrouping after getting wiped out by Phoebe and/or the gate towers and finally beating them is personally satisfying.  Sort of like that one dungeon that’s been giving you fits for months and you FINALLY pass it!  

I think there are so many ways to play this game that what works for you at low levels will have to change the higher you go.  All this nerfing/balancing/etc. is just infuriating those who have strategized and planned accordingly and now have to rework everything any time someone cries it’s too hard.  Of course it’s hard!  It wasn’t built to be knocked down by the wind! 

Having said that, the changes have been made, and I and everyone else will have to adjust accordingly (or do we… ?).  Just another day in RR2… 

People not getting 100% is not nearly enough reason to completely ruin a tower at a specific place, as most of us knows how to deal with it

I was going to say something along the lines of what @KingThunderbolt4 said, but he already said it, so

In what way is a base stronger when you use Gate Towers? It doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

The only thing that it does is prevent getting 100% nothing else. In fact you kill a base faster with Gate Towers just ignore them if you just want the win.

Personally I don’t care about 100%, 99% or 98%. I just raid the strongest player that I can and don’t give a **** if there are gate towers or not.

EDIT: The only thing I don’t like is the inconsistency of all the arguments for Gate Towers. All those reasons are just plain wrong. Gate towers existed before Basilisk Towers were introduced. So it just goes back to have Bomb/Snake/FB towers there and in fact an even stronger version due to the recent defense update.

This is a good change. 6 towers + basilisk at gate is only designed to frustrate attackers, not deter them from winning. Players have ‘adapted’ to it by scrolling which isn’t actually adapting. Having 6 towers at the gate is a ridiculous endgame layout and goes against the spirit of RR2. While I don’t think players will stop putting gate towers this basilisk change should make raiding less frustrating. 

Why the change is good. At high trophy range, raids are tough now and if you beat a base, most of the time you don’t have much time left, so you can’t arrive at the gate, wait until the basilisk is vulnerable, destroy it and then go to the other one and then try to destroy that one in time as well. That just doesn’t work anymore, that’s why it had to change. Gate towers are still almost impossible to destroy at high trophy range, cause you either run out of time, or the gate goes down before you can destroy the towers. Overall it doesn’t really change anything. Just put another tower there and the result will be basically the same

I don’t think a basilisk tower at the gate has ever killed anyone, whatever mode it’s in.

Duh, of course they are. And they’re still very easy to kill and will remain very easy to kill, at least until we’ll be able to upgrade them to like lvl 6, because they simply don’t have enough health.

It’s still an unwarranted change.

like the others I don’t get well the point of this topic and the complain behind this. Just don’t put any Basilisk Tower at the gate and problem solve. Really. Some like to complain for nothing. This change was necessary and is more than welcome by everyone. Good job Flare