Why the Mummy's are Useless?

As the topic says itself that the Mummy in RR2 is almost useless except the War Boosted ones so I just want to know why the Devs something do for this Unit as well.

I have never seen anyone using this Unit in his/her combo even Flotha or other top players dont use this unit… why?


Unboosted units are always useless ?

PS, Mummys, Ogres, Wolves and Gargoyles all are from dungeons but in comparison of Mummy they are more powerful… Why?

Still most of them are better than Mummy’s as the Moral Point of Mummy’s is very high while it is no where in comparison with those Units who share the same amount of Moral Points e.g. Necros and Vikings.

Mummy is powerful too if you have war boost. 

Try combo

Shield, hammerstrike, firestorm, irmgard, knight, mummy, wolf… Or make some little changes according to your gamestyle. You will see that its very powerful

What about the Non-Bossted ones… dont you think that anyone will prefer Ogres (non boosted ones) over non boosted Mummy’s and also ogres will be easy and faster to summon becoz of less moral points.

My question is simple here that Mummy’s has never given the attention by the Dev’s which makes it a useless Unit at the moment…

Even War Boosted Mummy’s are not used by most of the players…

Mummies have the advantage of being summoned next to the hero, not long ago a double boosted mummy was as good as Ceres pal before the nerf.

Not every team can get the double boosted Mummy’s also what if we compare non-boosted unit of same moral with Mummy’s will you chose them over Ogres, Wolves, Necros or Vikings…

In a non-boosted situation I would use ogres or mummies, the mummies stun and are instant summoned.

Not really, it depends on your level.

Also, there is no boost for Mortar at the moment but I find them very useful in defense.

To be on topic, I prefer Ogres because Mummies do not attack buildings.

Mummy (boosted) useful for ‘Rambo Raid’ (in memoriam), which’s rarely doable these days. More insane boosts defense may kill king faster

Because let’t nerf the useful stuff instead of actually fix what is not working with the rest of the game…

The war boosted mummies are very powerful. The reason why people rarely use it is because they choose to forge ogres instead, which is consistently available due to it having an elite boost instead of a war boost.


I got raided tons by top Japanese players using mummies during this powerful stargazer war, and they succeeded even without the triple boosted paladins, and of course, without scrolls.

yeah, it weak, doesnt atk the tower, easy to die doesnt have advantaged over any other unit even the one weak to poison . That why its useless

to make it worth it`s summon cost, Non boosted mummy should have black magic type atk or just make new affect curse because it is common sense that ancient egyptian have dark  voodoo lol

I use mummies boosted and unboosted. Forged correctly they are very useful.

I have no clue if there is change since 1 year but if Mummy are the same they are really useful if you forge them. In my previous account I use them non stop. Really good

Now again I want to tell you that not every team won the Boosts in War Season and not all the team afford to prolong the War boosts so just want to know is the mummy any useful if it is not boosted.


What’s wrong if mummy is not as useful when unboosted? If the game developer could tell you personally, I’m sure it will be something like:


“Hey we give you ogres that can be Elite Boosted consistently, and also mummies that can be War Boosted which may potentially be better than ogres. We hope you enjoy the variety.”


They have given you the variety, nothing wrong to choose the more consistently available boosted Ogres.



Then let the Devs talk to me…

If spawned at the right time, their stun can change the game.