why there is no history of attacks?




why there is no history of attacks from opponents?
so I can not reply to the attack, or how many opponents who have attacked my base.

But, i don’t know :wink:
so… what it’s answer?

That’s not much of a justification. Plenty of other games like this give you an attack log. They’re all for-profit ventures.

Hey guys,

Including an attack log is not an idea which has disappeared because we now have a heat map. As always, we are making sure not to tag features into the game without first discussing it and implementing it in a senseful, integrated way. We are not ignoring the large number of people asking for an attack log.

We will include it when we find an integrated, non-intrusive method of doing so. This will be in a future game update at some point.

Why not simply replace the heat map with a battle log. The heat map is ok, however it simply lacks the information players need…how many times was I attacked, who hit me, and how many trophies did I lose each attack. The heat map is limited in the information it provides, and resets every time you make adjustments.

Hey Temprid,

It’s unlikely we’ll remove a useful feature to make space for another feature. If we replace the Heat Map, you will no longer be able to see which parts of your defense are strong, which are killing Heroes, which are not performing as you’d expect, etc., it would not be an improvement. We think it is better to have both than either one or the other, and would rather integrate the two.

Including both would be a nice first step. It doesn’t have to look pretty but Temprid is right – the heat map is fine but it’s missing the most important information. Honestly, I don’t really think the heat map on it’s own is good data. You don’t know if one person attacked you or 100 (really. I mean you can guess to some degree but it’s obfuscated). You don’t know the period that the data on the heat map represents – is it a month? a week? 15 minutes? You don’t know if you defeated 7 out of 10 opponents who were equal strength to you and lost your shirt on 3 guys with low trophies using gems, or if your defense in general is just crap. You don’t know if out of 10 battles there was one dummy who kept getting killed and reviving or if it was more representative. You just have no way of qualifying the data that the heat map gives you.

The heat map is pretty, and if we could have both I’m sure everyone wants both, but it’s *almost* useless data and not nearly as relevant as a straight up battle log. A battle log with video replay would be so much more of an improvement than the heat map it’s not even funny.

I’m no computer scientist, but I would think that a simple battle log would be an easy thing to code, and again maybe this is showing my ignorance, but it seems to me like it would be simpler than the heat map even! Everyone thinks that by not including one it means you’re trying to hide something. Why don’t you prove everyone wrong? You’re not trying to hide something, right?