Why top 3 allainces hv so many more fiefdoms?!

Do they hv the best as well as the most active players? Are they placed together in a war map everytime?

Just wanted to know more about the best allainces in the game.

They have lot of fiefdoms because they are strong and lot addictive in the game and do lot of skulls everytime and this because they started with the right foot and the list goes on XD

First: they are probably the strongrst alliances in game, so they win most wars.

Second: until a few wars ago (when the matchmaking at top was soley based on fiefs) they grew strnger by teaming up together and gangbang every alliance that came up and they switched members to get the best players in thr fighting alliances. This was before the 10 raid cap, so for other alliances it was impossible to win 4 wars at once against an alliance that only fought one or two.

all alliances team up not just the top 3

…and they all gangbang on their war maps…sk rl and apoc are just damm good

You never saw the top map in first 3 months of war then :grinning:

nope i didnt but i certainly read todes and vanguards bitching about it

Exactly, because it was always a 4v2 or 5v1 fight in a war that lasted for one or two days at max before everyone stop attacking completely

Its the only reason NATO ever grow to 70 fiefs and it provide the platform for RL to grow strong while also at same time weaken VL and IL a lot (and later destroy hello world and BigBang)

Great strategy by SK allies but certainly a form of abuse to the war system which is why it was changed :slight_smile:

what a cry baby.if you dont want to take on the top teams move down to a low alliance.form your own faction. or go play farmville

Flare stacks the deck against the top 3. Flare stacks the game against the top 3.

The only reward is fiefdoms really. Anyone can get war boosts that are just as strong as the top 3’s war boosts.



I just wish that there was more my alliance could be rewarded, other than useless fiefdoms.

At the top it is always about glory and pride cuz usually everything else are maxed out.To expect new content, well that would take time especially when you have many gemming up things in 1hour.

Developer cant be expect to release new content everyday, though they are expected to at least keep it interesting which I think FG doing now with new boost every season.For some, it is interesting :slight_smile:

Oh look another one calling me a cry baby for speaking the truth.It ruined the game for many just cuz SK allies hold grudge over VL mainly wm2014 lol Todes was originally part of this faction thing but choose to leave as it doesnt at all feel like it is fair.We would go down like NATO I guess if we continue working with control freak SK.I dont have problem with Apo and RL, well maybe a little with RL.

I dont like wm2014 either tho :slight_smile:

Thnx for the inputs guys. Also, things were made as clear as they could be, by the gang bang thread!