Why unique runes gives "elite" background in waves?

Because my only bet is this, i have mortar: toxicity unique rune on mortar but even if the unit is a “Normal” unit (with no elite boost), it has this visual “elite” background like it’d have a boost but it doesn’t…
It doesn’t make any sense also because we are used to know that pink means boosted and not runes-boosted. If i see this it seems it could have corrosion caster boost or putrid prowler boost.
In my opinion it shouldn’t have an elite background, if you want to make something cool instead, why not give it rather a fantastic golden background only when it reaches lvl 6 rune.



Would be glad to know if you are aware of this or not. Thank you :wink:

device: on Windows 10 Home, Version 1909, os Build: 18363.693
how often it happens: always when you place mortars in waves with unique rune applied.


FYI, there is a red glow (instead of a pink one) when a lvl6 rune is applied.


I didn’t apply the Toxicity Rune yet, so I can confirm that my mortars don’t have a pink background:

Device : Windows 10 version 1909 OSBuild 18363.693

red? i thought was a flaming glow orange effect

It’s a dark orange…:wink:

oh wait might be 2 different effect:
build editor red boost
and during battle the flaming orange effect

Just confirmed and it’s caused by the Mortar Toxicity rune as we thought.

This is my wave after I applied the Rune :slightly_smiling_face: