Why war season matching should be changed?

tl;dr: System is too inconsistent, doesn’t rewards loyalty, if win in a couple of seasons, the reward is to be in a really hard map next time and opportunist players take advantage of this.


Here’s why fiefdom-based matching should be changed:


Current matching is fair, i get that (win some, loose some). But its also too inconsistent. It depends too much in your previous seasons, If you made the podium in the last two seaosns (let’s say you won 8-10 fiefdoms) you will be paired with much better alliances, maybe 7 or 10 members more than the one you are on. Given the way alliances react to this fact they can be clasified into two types: 


  • Opportunist alliances : alliances that are on a win streak are emptied when matched agains other alliances that are too good… and alliances that are low on fiefdoms are quickly filled when they are matched with low level alliances. 

  • Loyal alliances : they have a steady number of loyal members and all try to make the alliance grow. Theese alliances often have to wait to loose some fiefdoms to have a chance to win again.


In my alliance we are lucky to have lots of loyal members, but if we win 2 seasons in a row, then we have to wait to loose 3 really unbalanced seasons to be balanced back and have a chance again… In the last season (“war of the immortals”) I saw an alliance that started with 28 members and ended up with 10… and another that started with 25 and quickly filled up to 35… that behavior makes the whole season unfair for loyal alliances. 


This defeats the prupouse of an alliance (it discourages loyalty) and is really bad for the overall concept of a war… The way I see it the system should reward members who stay in an alliance for a long time, not encourage them to leave when they see current war is just to hard to compete, and the boosts won in the last season are imposible to maintain… It would be great if, with some grade of randomnes, the outcome of a season was a product of the performance of the aliance in that season, not the ones leading up to it. Here are a couple of changes that would bring us closer to achieve this:


  • Reformulate the matching algorithm, giving less weight on the amount of fiefdoms and more on the level of the kings, maybe not trophies, but plain king xp level. - Members entering an alliance once the season is started, can’t attack and cannot be attacked until the next season, plain and simple. 

Thanks for reading, leave your comment on my theory :slight_smile: