20000000 gold

150000 of wisdom

  • 7 days

And, for what?


20000000 de oro

150000 de sabiduría

  •  de 7 días

¿Y para qué?


Don’t do it. Use another gold item. 

I have tried others, and it is more or less the same


You need to use a gold item. There have been a lot of posts on this issue.

we are waiting for the answer from the Dev - since it is included in the monthly questions.

ciao ciao Arte 


They commented on this months ago. 


here things change quickly - upgrade after upgrade - you need to understand if they are still valid - given the continuous discrepancies from what they write from reality. so please, let this question answer a Dev.

Ok, but this is the players helping players forum,and you use a gold item to upgrade a gold refined unique. It hasn’t changed since July. 

Please post a screen, you will be the player who help (concretely) a player 

I don’t have any gold items right now. This is 100% how this works. Bronze 5* titan items upgrade bronze uniques. Silver 5* titans upgrade silver uniques. Gold 5* titans upgrade gold uniques. The devs said that this is how it works, and they changed it on July 20th so that if you use a dismantle with identical perks, the perks on the unique persist instead of being replaced by random perks.