WickedUnited - 10 - English - Lvl 30+

Daily activite players only - Alliance tower upgrades when possible - Daily Donation

Will activate boosts whenever we can in line with events: Ninja, Warfare, etc…
Request even if we are full, currently we have inaktive players not benefitting, we will ofc replace them with you.

Lets unite and make everything a little easier!

want to merge ?


i looked your alliance and i only want you in mine come join us.

after war

Id like to join, but i play mainly with my girlfriend. shes only a few days of upgrading behind me and plays/donates daily. wont be long till shes up there aswell.

Thanks for the invite btw, much appreciated.

no problem anytime you and her wants to join contact me , see you around

Hey again Darren :slight_smile: still have 2 spots for daily players? I have one other guildie aswell who might be of interest,  low level but working his way play ingen daily buying gems.

My name: WickedSickness

My Girlfriend: wickedpegasus

you should check out [Dark knights] or Warrior Assassins