Wikia - Conquest pages and homepage changes

This request was here for a long time and I’m sorry I couldn’t create this sooner, but…

That’s how tough of a job it was to gather the info, to create several Conquest related pages.

Given the high importance of these pages, I did some small modifications on the Wikia homepage Main Categories to be able to add them here:



To resume:

  • The Elite boosts, Pro Boosts and Special Boosts pages are now condensated on a new page called “Boosts”… Which also contains a new page, regarding Conquest Boosts :slightly_smiling_face:

  • A new button/link to the image Alliance Stronghold page was added.
    Inside this page you’ll find information regarding each Alliance Stronghold building, including all costs for player and alliance buildings.

  • A new button/link to the image Conquest Event page was added.
    This page was based on the forum FAQ and improved with further information, links to other pages like Watchtowers, Alliance Stronghold, Tech-Tree and of course… the image Supreme Victory calculator.

I won’t go into further detail about what’s on each page, since the amount of data is just too big and I don’t want to make this too extensive.

Please give a check to the pages and if you have any doubts, just go ahead and ask. Also feel free to give opinions or even correct any wrong data.

Hope its helpful at least to some in the community.

Have a great week and good luck on next Conquest event :wink:

PS: As some of you may notice, the data for Conquest Rewards per tier is only available for tiers 7 and 6:

This happened because I don’t have the detailed data for tiers below those…

So if any of you can make me reach the data for the other tiers, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance :blush:


Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you put into keeping things in order over on the wiki :slight_smile:

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No problem IrishLady, I try my best.

It’s just a shame I had to wait for my vacations to find some time to finish it :sweat_smile:

Glad you liked it :blush:

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Fantastic job @ShadowsGuardian, I was already looking up conquest info and discovered they were missing. It makes me happy to see we now have a good person that maintains the wikia.

Keep up the good work, if I could give you more likes at once, this would definitely deserve it.

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It’s for messages like these that keep me going.

Glad you appreciate it :wink:

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:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Awesome stuff!

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Thank you ShadowsGuardian for your hard work​:+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for your great work @ShadowsGuardian

…next topic will be runes?

The only info we have right now is the one provided by the FAQ Flare published, suppositions… and of course some things people find and post on the forum…

The fact that neither I was able to get information via official channels, nor anyone on the forum got a decent answer besides: “we don’t want to further disclose information”…

Doesn’t give me much will to work on it :slightly_frowning_face:

I will think about it, but that’s the reason why I haven’t started collecting info already…

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Let me help you somewhat with current runes. I have made some overviews right now regarding runes.
At the moment there are 20 rune types.
image I divided them in the categories we also see. In columns 1 - 6 are the minimum values, in the column to the right from it, the max possible value is available. The yellow marked runes are unique ones, Column ‘additional description’ holds the normal addition and between () stands what additional is given for a level 6 rune.

I don’t have an overview of all the values, would be handy when members help to get missing values or fix incorrect ones.

This overview contains the number of pearls required for upgrading 5 runes of a level to a higher level. Till level 5 it’s confirmed, following that algorithm, the values for column ‘5 => 6’ are likely correct, but still need to be validated.

Here the values for applying the runes (when you assign it to a rune slot) expressed in number of pearls. Till level 4 runes are validated as correct. But following that algorithm, it’s most likely values for column ‘5’ and ‘6’ are also correct.

I hope it helps you to setup a good rune page. We already know that 75 forges are required to unlock second rune slot on non items (2 for first one). For items 30 forges are required to unlock second rune slot.

So when a lot of players are willing to verify the tables and give additional and missing/fixing information, you might be able to create a good rune wikia page.


Wow, that’s a really awesome job right there Dena! :open_mouth:

Although there’s some values missing, what you have right there is certainly more than enough to start building a sketch of a possible page.

I suppose you have these on an excel/google sheet :thinking:

Can you send me the file please via personal message? Just so we don’t spam this too much.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately with PM upload excel files is not allowed.

Too bad, I would be glad to upload it to you.

Have you tried zipping/compressing the file?

It should be possible that way.

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This error I get

Hi guys, yes sorry for security reasons we can not allow other file extensions. I would suggest uploading this in google sheets and then sharing the link in a private message.

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Thanks Madlen, we already managed to share the information by file.


That sheets looks awesome @Dena4
Thanks for your work!

I still miss some more informations about the yellow runes… I open some posts…:face_with_hand_over_mouth: but no response from flaregames.

I hope flaregames will provide more Infos and ingame help and maybe some nice comic videos… In the past all feature got info-videos…

@Madlen are there more information stuff coming or is the info page in the forum all?

Why did keenflare silently lower pearl costs for applying runes? I am absolutely sure my previous sheet was correct till level 4, it was verified by multiple members.

When I try to apply now (items plus non items) it’s suddenly this (level 4 non items confirmed, level 5 and 6 needs to be validated)

Can we get an answer why the values suddenly are lowered without informing the community? For the record, I am happy that prices in terms of pearls drastically are lowered, but at least tell us. There will always be complainers who will demand compensation for the pearls they did spend extra.

but I expect a very positive reaction from the community. I welcome lowering the amount of pearls needed to apply runes. I for example did want to apply runes level 3 to items and non items recently. When I was confronted with 1200 pearls for an item, I refused to spend them (I even didn’t have them). By lowering the price in terms of pearls, keenflare made a giant leap into the right direction. My compliments.

Hi there, as I said this is all the info I can share for now, we want people to discover more details first by themselves :slight_smile: Yay, exploration! :slight_smile: :rr2advisorhappy:
Maybe in the near future will share more information or deepen our FAQ, if we feel there is a need, but as of this moment we want the players to play and have fun with the runes and discover stuff :slight_smile:

Please don’t jump to this accusation so fast, we have not changed the prices, would be better to ask as a question next time :wink: . Your prices may not be completely correct, because there are also different costs for the type of rune, not just items and non-items.

It’s not an accusation Madlen, at least it was not my intention. I did draw incorrect conclusion that pearls for applying runes can be split it categories items and non items.

I tried to apply runes of similar kind (for example mega bomb rune) and you are correct, still 500 pearls for level 2, while another one is just 250. Okay… You are correct, items and non items isn’t correct. We need to create an overview of applying per rune type and level.

I will try to assume same for upgrading runes. So okay, back to the drawing board.

Some players like me like to have overviews. Is it that bad to share costs in terms of pearls of applying or upgrading runes per type/level? For Wikia it would be fantastic info.

But you made a good point, my overview for applying seems to be incorrect. My mistake, back to the drawing board :roll_eyes: