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Hey guys, what’s up? Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas! ?

Ahem… Okay, back to the subject:

Since a few months ago, I noticed how the Wikia wasn’t updated: stuff was missing, or even incoherent values… You know how it is.

OPelle did a wonderful work there, but unfortunately he left and no one was there to keep it up to date.

On Decembers beginning, I decided to give it a try and talked to Madlen, which was receptive to the idea and has been helping as much as she can.

@G1nasis is helping me and I hope we can enhance our Wikia to be better and hopefully… a reliable information source once again :slight_smile:

Some things which we’ve been working on:

  • Updated the Dungeon page with its missing dig times;
  • Fixed some issues with the pals page (ranges, ability icons, etc);
  • Updated Janus images on the pal and beasts page;
  • Pro-League page: updated ticket prices, added Horkos Set items;

We’ll try to keep working as we can, but please take some things in consideration:

  • The information we miss, we have to ask Madlen so there may be waiting times, depending on how busy the team is;
  • We may try to add new stuff in the future, but there’s some restrictions since the Admin (OPelle) and Bureaucrat (KingMartin123) were who had more privileges… and left.
  • We only do this on our spare times and there’s no remuneration involved, we’re only doing this to help everyone out.

Oh and btw… Please bear with me, if some images are not high quality or even a bit pixelated  (still learning my way through GIMP ).

Good raids and cya out there!  ")

Wikia Homepage link

  • Note: If the page is not loading on PC, keep refreshing the page until it works :grinning:

PS: We may throw some updates here now and then if it’s somehow useful.

EDIT: Added wikia link for easier access.

also i want to add, if u notice any missing information or things that needs to be updated please tell us here or in a private message we will much appreciate it

Thank you to both of you. Its really a great news :slight_smile: pro league section is back give us your feedback please  we are trying to complet it with all the new items and the new pro leagues 

Good Work


I make a lot of changes long ago, but stats/prices changed too often. Now I’m too lazy

Make new article about Conquests please

Wow… 732 edits? You did a good job friend! Thanks for the contribution! :grinning:

We’re starting to gather information regarding this. There’s lots of information out there, or other stuff we’re missing. So it may take a while.

The page will surely arrive though :slight_smile:

I can help in whatever you need :3


Thanks Wilber!

I think I already saw your user on the wikia somewhere

I hope Pellez has already read this topic, otherwise I mention.

@oPelle, I hope I don’t disturb you.

I’ve already talked with OPelle regarding this, no need to mention him.


So, basically what’s on top of the table… and I’ve been thinking about…

Is to apply to become an Admin myself.

I’m going to talk with Madlen first about it, to see what she thinks too.

What do you think about the idea guys?

EDIT: This would be much easier if “KingMartin123” answered me, but even his ingame account "martin536"no longer exists…  :slightly_frowning_face:

If you need me, just holler my name, @ShadowsGuardian

Hey guys, I bring some wonderful news this time!

A few days ago, to solve our permission problems on the Wikia, I created an adoption request…

I wrote about our current work, explained our objectives to the staff… and after 2 days of eagerly waiting… 

You got yourselves a new Wikia Admin! I’m so happy guys!  :wink:

I wanted to thank you for your support so far and hope to keep with everyone’s expectations!


PS: Yes, we’re doing stuff like a ninja lurking in the shadows 

Small status update:

Stay tuned for more to come in the following weeks!  ")

Congrats on being promoted in the Wikia.

I had no idea you were in (from?) Portugal. :wink:

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Thank you Arrebimba!

Yes, I’m Portuguese actually :grinning:

It’s just that my game on the PC is in English, so nobody noticed

Hey, sup guys? Shadows here.

Since version 5.0 is just around the corner, I thought about doing a status update. So here’s what changed in the past weeks:

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the Trophy tier values of the Ninja, Zombie and Yeti units on each page
    • Added a few more missing items, on the items page. (Still a lot are missing here… Tsch! ?)
  • NEW:
    • Added the new Sanzu and Birthday pro-sets to the pro-league page
    • Completed the Nemesis pal page with much more info, namely: added some values, descriptions and a general assessment section describing how Nemesis works after the latest changes.
    • and finally… I’m proud to announce we finally have a new page for the Royal Guardians! :wink:

As you’ll notice, this page can be accessed from a new entry on the homepage and also on the top menu:

The Royal Guardians page, contains the following main topics/subjects:

  • A list of its top facts
  • A list with all (currently known :stuck_out_tongue: ) Royal Guardians, having a each one a page of its own:
  • Each Royal Guardian page contains the following: statistic values, a description, a general assessment and strengths/weaknesses sections
  • A section to explain how the cooldowns & duration work while using them, with a schematic.

As some of you will notice, there’s a few values still missing after the latest patch update, namely:

  • Goruc and Gaspar new level values
  • G-5000 all values (except costs)

I’ll update these, as soon as I get a hold of this information :slight_smile:


To finalize, I wanted to give a special thanks to the following users, which gave a big help on this process:

  • @G1nasis, for the help with the Nemesis images and some information too
  • @Entropy42, specially for the contributions on the Trusty page and some others pages
  • Some anonymous users, which I can’t thank, because well… They’re too afraid to create an account on the Wikia

PS: I had an official confirmation that the Kings Aura items work while using the Royal Guardians… but I didn’t write that yet since someone opened a bug about it a few weeks ago.

So I’d like to request, if someone could confirm me if these (or some) work, on the new forum thread I just opened: Aura Items while using a Royal Guardian.

As always, feel free to give some help or tips regarding this content. Cheers!  ")

EDIT: I almost forgot…

Here’s also a new Animations page with some nifty in-game animations which Madlen provided me with.

Here’s some of my favorites as an example (for more check the previous link):

The Mummy jolly dance , or… A Ninja bowing before burning to death! :wink:

Hope you enjoy! :wink:

great work , i’ve been busy with my study lately hope this summer i can help more

Thanks guys, great work! :heart:

No problem. Keep yourself focused on school, it’s much more important after all :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help too Madlen, couldn’t have done this without you :grinning:

No problem. Keep yourself focused on school, it’s much more important after all :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help too Madlen, couldn’t have done this without you :grinning: