Will it be 32 islands now in ninja

Will it be 32 islands now in ninja or juat 30 and we get 32 chances to complete them. Also why ninja flag info shows that event lasts 17 days? There is some confusion out there resolve it

@FTB @flaretara is there a change in difficulty level of ninja or it will remain the same.

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In the topic linked by Warrior, Flotha clarified it’s 32 chances. There are still 30 islands and everything stays the same, as far as I can tell.

It’s 30 islands. I also was thinking 32 islands first and honestly I expected 2 additional islands full with pro gear and other sneaky stuff to reduce the number of players that score 100%. I understand I misunderstood that. It’s indeed just 30 islands with two reserve attempts to correct some mistakes/crashes. It’s very good. It was quite depressing missing a tower on first islands. Especially when not getting first meant losing a lot of pearls and some chests. Most times we only continued for the uber chests. 

Now we have to reattempts in case we fail/crash or whatever reason there might be to not make an island 100%. This is good for the game. Players will not play on safety any longer and could attempt higher layers.

Its really big deal to get tier i want

and really, this event become idiotic. Everyone will be 1

hope they  will make hell bases to fix it. 

Anotherside even this nee dungeon levels was mostly kinderwalk

It is indeed strange that layer is determined on trophies. We can easily pick lower layers deliberately and get first place almost any time. Now with even two extra attempts the odds to get first place only increases. We can now make mistakes, without being punished. 

Flare should add an extra constraint. When you get first place, next time you fight in a higher layer. When you score no 100%, you can go one layer lower or stay inside that layer. So for example, you participate in 4k layer. You score 100% and as a result next time you are automatically playing 4.5k layer. 

That way getting first every time is only possible, when you play in highest layer. And for that I would make indeed a new layer, where the defense you face is abnormal. 

Ninja flag info still shows that ninja event will run for 17 days. Is that deliberate or miss information or error from flare side?

You’re right.

Perhaps it has connection with current title Ninja event? [Troll ?]



I was dreading there being 32 islands as the 30 we have was already obscenly boring, so two more would be . There should be less islands, not more.

Everybody winning is another story. But let’s look closely at the issue. There are only three ways to not win the event:

  1. you picked a tier too high for your skill, deliberately or accidentally

  2. you got careless and missed a tower

  3. game crashed and you lost an attempt

Unless you pick scenario 1 there is practically no way to lose the event (in terms of skill that is) if you’re seasoned and know what you’re doing. There are maybe 2-3 islands that are actually challenging until you figure out how to beat them. So the event definetly should be more difficult overall. However! For that to be in any way fair the rewards pool must be much broader. Not the way it is now, where the top 3 get a varying reward and everyone else gets the generic squat (I’m slightly exaggerating but that’s how it is). With a thousand participants the reward tiers shouldn’t be limited to top 10. Pro league is the same in this regard, you either win or you get nothing. And losing 80% of rewards because you missed ONE tower in 30 islands because your dumb troops killed the gate too quickly definetly isn’t a fair scoring system.

Another issue is the trophy-tier relation. I’ve been suggesting for a while that the tier you end up in should be based on your actual strength (troop/spell leves and forges etc), with an option to pick either harder or easier setting directly. This shouldn’t have anything to do with trophies because they represent nothing. Cromka could play in the 100-399 trophy tier having dumped enough trophies and it would be fully legit. Festivals function the same way btw. The game should consider how strong a player really is, not how well he plays the system. If anything, trophy dumping to get easier tiers should result in an even more difficult playthrough, to punish you for being a smartass. But I guess flare are too lazy to figure how to implement this.

At any rate, ninja events are too long, too easy, and generally not really worth your time. The pearls you get are nice but with pro chests and unlocked blacksmith you can get more than that without mindlessly raiding for 3 days.

LOL same at 2500 tier you can have surprise with this new level and stuffs. in the first I have fail at 97% because I have miss I think 1 Basilisk Tower on 3. So take your time to be sure everything is destroy. The +2 chances is really welcome. that allow me to remake the level and do 100%. Now still to me 1 more chance. So be careful

I think they added more lives because they couldn’t fix the crashes.

And increased level difficulty? I see boosted basilisk towers at level 1…

Next 3 levels looked normal so not sure, maybe there is something wrong only on 1st island

Edit: vikings and basilicks also appear on further bases, not on all of them though

I see vikings, basilisks, jester boxes. Those never were on he ancient ninja islands. The stone ninjas are doable, only annoying to stone troops.

Not a real problem so far, but I am curious, do we also face pro boosts and multiple basilisks near gate?