Will max level alliance towers be required?

It’s probably safe to say that it won’t be very long before we have 25 alliances that reach max level with 40 players. Eventually there will probably be many more than 25.

Once that happens, it’s probably also safe to assume that the top 25 alliances will have enough clout to only allow players who have a max level alliance tower. This ensures they will maximize their daily alliance gold income (to keep as many boosts up as possible, all the time).

So basically that means players in the top 1000 will probably be heavily boosted most, if not all, of the time.

To fully upgrade the alliance tower costs a bit over 4000 gems – roughly $25 if you purchase those gems. Or a massive amount of grinding. But unless my math is wrong, it seems like this is going to be the new cost of admission to have a fair chance at competing in the upper end of the leaderboards.

I hope I’m wrong, and there are things that still aren’t obvious about how the elite boosts work. But it’s a bit worrisome.

You are not wrong, good alliances will and can expect max leveled Towers.

Cost for playing this gaming is increasing from day to day.

Spot on. I was starting to realize this, didn’t want to believe it, but yeah, It has the exact same model as the original leaderboards, :wink:


Pay lots and have very little content pfff.


Wait I could get those 4000 gems from those achievements, 1000 for 10 diamond leagues 1000 for legendary gears, half way there…Hold on a sec…


See what I mean, content like alliances that we asked for, but the way that it’s given isn’t exactly what we had in mind is it. It has to  be given the money spin, sure create a revenue stream but not one with the P2W model


The way I see it, the only way it’s going to change if paid players want it to change. I know I would change, I’d hate to be considered “good” at something because of a false sense of security. I have too much of a competitive nature. The reason I stick around is because it’s a back against the wall fight, which makes it more rewarding. Imagine if 350,000 could all fight for 1st given a reasonable amount time.

Actually , its not impossible for free players to have max level alliance tower because gems is given for winning the league.If it cost 5000 gems to totally max the tower , then thats around 15 diamond league win which is very easy once you’re in top 1000 except when you had to face top players or someone with unlimited food video.


The only different is that paying player get the tower faster , I’m now on level 7 going to 8 and will upgrade to level 9 tomorrow , also not everyone in top alliance can afford max tower so I think it will not be a requirement.Whats more important is to have skillful player , good player and active player in the alliance.

I’ve won 3 or 4 diamond leagues in over 6 months of hardcore playing, It’s impossble as a windows player, Or so rediculously hard. It gets harder and harder each day I play as bread cost rises. If I could watch videos/facebook friends (old now). then I probably would have won every one making in excess of 22,000 gems.


The point is gems wouldn’t be an issue if you gave everybody the chance to fight for them.


I hate the word “skill” thrown around on a P2W game, sure, it certainly exposes stupidity in players but it doesn’t exemplify your talents.

Probably for the top alliances, but imo going from level 8 tower to 10 (3000 gems) is not going to add enough value from boosts vs 3000 gems on gold shields. That’s nearly 17x 3 day gold shields. You can seriously improve both defence and offence with 3000 gems of gold shields. level 7/8 alliance towers should enable enough boosts to strengthen the alliance sufficiently.

I think getting the members of the alliance much stronger permanently from upgrades is better then temporary boosts but we will have to see how useful they are when we test them more.

Also depending on your average level of player in the alliance the boosts they might find useful will differ. Therefore they may only benefit from a few of the boosts and not need lots of them. Going from level 8 to level 10 tower for 40 members is 6million gold per day extra donation. Would be good to work out how far that would stretch and how much benefit it would be…

Who’s to say 40 will always be the alliance limit?  They routinely bump up the maximums on a number of things.  If enough important (i.e. paying) people clamor for bigger alliances,  I won’t be surprised that they get what they want. 

I’m a Windows user , although not a free player but I havent bought any food in my last 10-15 diamond league win except once when I got tungsix in the same league (still finished 2nd sadly) didnt scroll tough base to gain medals either


The game require skill , without skill you will be a scroller higher up the leaderboard and then look like a fool (watch one of sn1kt’s latest video for example)

If you want to be at the top, you need the top equipment. I think that’s as true for the alliance tower as for every other upgradeable part in the game.

Yes, the alliance tower is expensive, but so is everything else if you want it to be maxed. It just appears to be even more expensive because its new and everyone had to start levelling from the beginning just recently, whereas other upgrades have been going on for months and the spendings on it have been spread out over time.


True, it costs gems instead of gold, but after all there are lots of sources for gems (scrolling/reviving attackers, leagues, whats left of the achievements and for most players also gem-videos). If you take your time and just spend less of them than you earn, most players should be able to max that tower too sooner or later. Buying the gems is just one of the options that can be used, but doesn’t have to be used.

That is not correct, only vanguard has reached max level due to their leader and SK:UR will reach it within a few days but other than that it’ll take a long time for other alliances to reach that level.

Eventually, eliete boosts will be nurfed and activated by gold.


why didnt they do this right off the bat?

because we havnt made our Alliance memberships max players yet. that also uses donated gold.

such an action would cause caos between Alliance members, with players making donations with intent to max members vs players who want eliete boosts.


watch for it to change as soon as top 100 Alliances have max members


I dont see it possible in near future.

Well, for what it’s worth I went ahead and blew a bunch of gems to upgrade my alliance tower to max. And then got into a top alliance later that same day specifically because I’m “a 250k contributor” (as the leader put it). Even though I’m only a 3300-3400 player. So I guess that answers that.

Now the only trick will be to get my rating to hold at 4k+ consistently before high ranked tapjoy players farm enough gems to upgrade too, and I get kicked for having a low rating. The race is on…

i would believe eventually top alliance will want his member to max out alliance tower, so if u can max out alliance tower, u hv higher chance to get into top alliance (provided ur trophy rank is high as well) 

i won’t be that optimistic LMAO 


Possible change might be the elite boost cost being reduced further more, or daily donation from alliance tower increases. 

Yet i don’t think it will come that fast. 

I know I don’t require a max level tower to join me. Alliance ‘iNtEnSe’