Will perked Swordrain affect towers?

Like the title said, will towers be stunned, like 3 seconds when hit by a perked Swordrain?

And will it worth it to forge this perk, like 20 times?

I like Sword drain but I wouldn’t perk it like that. Not as good as Blizzard or Black magic. It’s good for a heavy Ogre base till you get Black magic up high enough. Blizzard is better than Sword on towers. That is Sword drain biggest weakness is that it doesn’t damaged towers.

Thank you for your experience.

3 second will be very hard to achieve, not sure how many forges exactly but it will take lots of time and pearls. However, answering your question, that stun will affect towers as well. Though, more useful is slowdown effect on toxic cloud.


12 forges on swordrain = 1.9 sec (+ 0.2 next forge)


Thanks Mag,

I’ve forged Toxic cloud to 3.6s slow (20 forges) during the last community week, definitely worth it.

According to the wikia it would take 20 forges to reach 3s stun on Swordrain. Assumed that 2-4 forges (10-20%) are successful at first try, that’s 36-38 forges x 250 pearls = 9000-9500 pearls :slight_smile:

Now, if I use Blizzard, how should I forge its range? I’ve read somewhere people using it said they forge its range to reach this and that towers but I didn’t pay much attention.

I’m not the expert in Blizzard, rarely use it nowadays and I never forged it. Forging range could help in some aspects for sure, I remember how annoying it was not to reach certain skull towers with Blizzard. Depends what you use the most and what you need. Personally I don’t use Blizzard anymore so I don’t care that much, though, I prefer froging range than demage for example, additional demage can be obtained with items. Though, I do think that most payers I know who put a ton of pearls into spells forged CD rather than range on Blizzard but I’m not sure.

I’m forging stun on swordrain but also not sure why as I never use it, lols. I just think the idea of stun sounds good and maybe one day I will find it very useful.


On a recent video I saw flothaboss has it at 3.3s stun. And Power Archer 4.5k damage o.O

Back to casual gameplay, I’ll try out different spells before forging. I’m far from maxing them anyway.

I’d advise not to look at Flothaboss’ forges. He forged many things way more than any casual player would ever be able to. Of course it is possible with many pearls and time but you need to make your own choice of what’s worth it and what’s not. Not  sure how many pearls you have now, but if I were you I would be careful with spending them. Forging sd on toxic cloud for sure was a good move, with the rest of spells you need to be careful, if you are a middle player it can happen that soon you will not use at all spells/troops you invested pearls on.  Of course, if you find a spell/troop that is worth investing go ahead and do it, those forges take a lot of time due to cooldown so the sooner you start forging them, the better for you :slight_smile:

My advise would be:

Firestorm: range above 6 - very useful spell for ninja event

Sonic Blast / Blade storm - don’t remember exactly but I think 5 forges on range are needed so they can kill LTs/FBs behind a barricade



Knight - forge everything you can

Pyros - range

The rest of troops are up to you, depends what you like. I’m forging most of them to be honest



LT - 11 forges on range needed for them to star hitting from opposite lane


Forged blockades might me more powerful than boosted barricades, and they are relativy cheap to forge.


Anyway, it depends on what point in game you are now. If you just start forging, it might be very complicated at the beginning for you. After some time players like me most likely forge everything we use, the only thing holding as back is pearls.

Thanks for the detailed explain.

Don’t worry for me trying to forge like thaboss. I’ve just watched that vid moments ago, otherwise I wouldn’t create this topic coz that vid shows clearly towers are stunned.

I’ve been doing most of what you are suggesting, knight +25 (20 speed, 5 hp and counting), pyro range, cannon dmg, sb + 5 range, etc. Still much to do but I’ll get there.

it’s 20 forges for 3.0s, i’m at 19 with 2.9s and +0.1 for the next.  And yes, it does stun towers, just tested on a snake tower and it stop spewing greenness when you hit it.


What combos do you use instead? Currently i always use blizzard (+ shield and firestorm or sonic blast),
but if there is something better, i may switch :slight_smile:

FS, bliz, SB
FS, shield, SB

Predominately the first though.

 I use TC+Shield+BM on daily basis.  In ninja events FS+shield+SB. I’m also ok with using BS+shield+SB but haven’t used it in a long time. I used Blizz+shield+SB/BS before that but don’t find Blizz that useful anymore, maybe it is still useful but I just prefer other combos. Maybe main reason for stopping using blizz was the fact that I couldn’t get any items with Blizz perk and blizz itself stopped being enough to kill wolves in one shot, so that’s why I found other combos, now I do have items with blizz perk but not using them.


I’m only one upgrade and and maybe a few forges away from having toxic cloud in a usable state.
Then i can try it :slight_smile:  I wonder though, what i can do against skull towers then?

I normally raid with “small” units, as we don’t have ogre/wolf boosted permanently: knight, cannon,
and mostly arblasters or pyromancers as 3rd troop. They die fast to skull towers …


Hard to say to be honest, I’m using WOK so Ogres help a lot with their stunning effect and wolves if they howl on knights and ogres …

Knight and cannon should be good though, in my case toxic shield and BM do nothing to towers (obiously) but you can use sb/bs/blizz instead of bm, up to you but slowdown effect can really help during a raid.

Back on to the swordrain topic, if you forge swordrain with a range 7+ (not too sure, need to clarify exact range), it can hit units/towers 2 adjacent lanes away - very useful if you want to slaughter some out of reach idiots. :grinning: