Will the crystals run out?

Hi! Will the crystals run out? If so, when? Will the pro shop end? I need details regarding this situation.

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30th March, 2020, Pro shop will close…

Crystals will not run out… Crystals will be converted to gems… Ratio is probably 1:476

You need details regarding this? You should probably check the main thread…

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De donde sacaste esa conversión? Conociendo a Flare diría que la conversión correcta es 10000:1. :joy:

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Question is, why do we need frequent questions on PRECISE details of each “whoa new feature” and Flare cannot explain it in the main announcement?
Why do we need to ask again and again, and still Flare stands still?

Is your probable ratio of exchange 1 crystal : to 476 gems official? Or how did you obtained this approximation? From Pro path design Celestial Plains in new version RR2 6.0?

@MishaK would it be finally possible to officialy announce this detail?
If not, announce the date, when it will be possible for us to know?
if not, announce WHY such an important info cannot be announced?

Many thanks in advance.


If in doubt, spend all your crystals.

Actually, here’s the official announcement:
“You will get a very low number of gems from any remaining unspent crystals”


Ratio is probably 1:476 Dios mio tio,que malo.

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If my ‘probable’ ratio was official, I wouldn’t be using the word ‘probably’, would I?

Moreover, there already is a thread with all this discussion… So no need to start this all over again… You wont get any official answer, if you do, you’ll know… Until then, all we can do is make blind guesses based on little understanding…

The thread itself was unnecessary, as the creator didnt try to search for answers which has already been answered many many times… However, as a member, I tried to answer him giving the official link as well… Hope this fares well… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanx @GrimScythe2001 …just tried to add some pressure to Flare from more forum posts, when they ignored that in the main post.
It would be useful, if they could be so nice to finally announce all details in their announcements… instead of marketing blah-blah.
And, ingame, too :frowning:
For all others,actual Crystal-to-Gems ratio is somehow 12x better
1000 Pro crystals = 25 gems

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