Will there be other "comunity weeks?"


Does anyone if this event will be triggered again sometime? Or is this some kind of anual/unique event? Any info are apreciated.



Idc, all in one event suck. I have a painstakingly slow BS melting, makes this event really a torment. :angry:

Raise your blacksmith building level and melting slots for future blacky events. You’ll not regret it :grinning:

It’s amazing :slight_smile:

I think we will never get it again. Or, at least not soon (year?)

such generosity can only say about it …

  1. When your 4th-event-red-chests expire (2 days after the event) - wait for the hero/items level 140, so all your “best 130 perked items” can be sent to melting!
  2. Tower alliance level +2
  3. Alliances +10 levels

What else would be assumptions?

I’m sure we’ll get it again or something very similar because for obvious reasons -

  1. Flare probably made more money this community week than in the history of RR2.

  2. Christmas & New year is very close by.

I think this has been a great event, we need more like it.  Honestly, I’d like to see flare move away from the pay-to-win tactics & ‘No chance to ever catch up to the top players because we’ll just keep adding levels’ trend.  What this game really lacks is an affordable path for new players to catch up with long-time players so there’s actually some competition.  Alliance wars are laughably unbalanced, loser bonus or no.  This event was a great first step to help all players, new and old.  

As it is, I see a lot of top alliances struggling to fill slots as more people drop out.  I’d prefer to see Flare selling things like ‘Double-XP’ or ‘Half-Tower Upgrade’ buffs, rather than figuring out another way to force us to spend tons of gems just to compete like the CoF skulls, the Alliance tower, the blacksmith slots, etc.  Then maybe we can start moving towards a skill-to-win game.

To be honest, this event has made those players with money even get further ahead. Personally, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to melt 200K of pearls, whilst at the same time, continuously perk my base, troops and spells where I am now starting to see diminishing returns with each perk FOR ALL 3 perkable stats.

All of this in a space of 4 days where previously it would have taken me months. 

As much as I have taken advantage and grateful for such an event, it is a bit too much.

and given a 75% DISCOUNT for the largest gem pack…that profit is gonna increase.

To be honest I don’t care if Flaregames do a lot of money during this kind of event. They don’t work for free and nobody work for free. if we can see this more often like each month or each 2 month why not? I really enjoy the events and I think everyone enjoy this events. So many players like low,medium and top players use each minutes of this until the end.

I hope Flaregames listen me ok and gonna give us this kind of event more often plus next time a 75% cheaper prize on gems packages to have more benefit of this situation

For me its a win-win situation. Flaregames make money and players can upgrades their stuffs and become more stronger.

I don’t see a negative point why they should not give us again this kind of event in the futur or in the near futur

I like this event very much ? I want more of it.

@Alysea take a look on this post :slight_smile:

Probably yearly.

Cant be too often.

Those rich players might have forge even more but you should know that forging to max is not the goal for many players but instead, forging to be strong enough and I believe majority manage to do that and now more players are well equipped to challenge heavy spenders.