Will this game support tapjoy?

Will this game be supported by tapjoy like royal revolt 2?

Maybe in future as it becomes famous.


You played this a while right? 

Are the islands like in boom beach like I have to defend them and recapture them etc… 

Or can I mainly just stick to defending my main Base like in rr2? 

i would like to see this happen.

Yeah if this game won’t be supported by tapjoy I won’t bother playing it

No, it’s like RR2. Same conditions. The only difference is you go in with different heroes who have different levels and unit/spell options.

You will have to recapture each time your island is taken over.

You can stick to your main island but you will not generate enough resources. 

Upgrades are only limited to your main islands (like rr2). The player/s attacking your different islands (if your hero is present on them) will undergo the same defense system you set in your main island.


Although, graphics is good, I feel RR2 is much more polished than OR.


Cool thanks for your reply.

So it seems ambrosia is like bread in rr2. I just played like 30 minutes now. But it seems insanely slow to regenerate. Will this scale up to being more like rr? 

Yes, ambrosia is like bread.

The more islands you capture (depending on the production like gold, ambrosia, bulls) you can collect those if nobody captures the islands.


I am at Hero Temple 5, and it certainly scales up if you focus on production. But as is any free to play, if you play for free the time to do so is significantly greater. I am absolutely in love with the game, graphics are gorgeous, it’s just the game needs some amenities and polishing as someone mentioned. Haven’t put it down :stuck_out_tongue:

Aether,  do you know if there is any plans of making this game supported by tapjoy?

Hello there,

For now Tapjoy is not planned.

If anything was to change, we will let you know in the official announcements, as usual :slight_smile: