Will we ever get out of this +1 upgrade cycle?


   Please do not voice your concerns on this forum, as FG always listens only to its players. Really, yes, it listens to only comments and suggestions, which makes the majority of players irritated.

Inbetween all of this, have you noticed they increased skull bonus this war, reduced the number of chests and increased the skull amounts between them. They could have kept the rewards the same and changed the conditions, but no, they will not as we are considered as … ( can place your choice of word).

so basically, if we do not give any suggestions, FG will hopefully come with innovative ideas.

Why are we discussing on this forum when FG just does the opposite what the majority recommend?


Why don’t you add something new?

Because they hope people don’t notice these things, it’s gone from game design to how to casino game, like the national lottery adds more numbers and says it’s making it more “interesting”.  It’s a very not subtle way to prey on people’s psychology and influence their decisions.  Then you have those on the forum pretending to be selfless, but solely interested in getting Flare to give them an advantage while screwing the majority so that their “investment” is worth more.

Becouse they need money

its np if all here will spent nothing like u)

but they need eat)

so sculls bonus not so big problem



seems like all u wanna-is for free get anything)

its unreal. Wanna chests? Be champ every round



We will be always grinding or have to become heavy paid members, as even small investments don’t make any sense.

All like in life yes?

if u free player u cant be same like donators

its not right

Another post of this issue… just make a comment in one of the 100 previous post.

Adding 1 more lvl to towers and obstacles wont affect players just give us more time to reach the limit of the game.

I see that some ppl get jealous coz big spenders will upgrade this fast but that advantage only will be temporary. (Btw… im not a big spender… i just bought gems a couple of times… middle guy here). 

Obviously, this wont be enough to solve the defense issues but will help a little. Defense needs a boost to make this game fairer, make high ranked bases harder for low lvl players.

Yes its funny, when i spent more then 500000 pearls for my base and spells and etc

i have all max at base, most of war boosts( but not all)

and 4400 rate can beat me)) nice and crazy

We don’t always have this +1 cycle. Last update Flare did a +2 :slight_smile:

well i think that 1 lvl on your towers will put a quick stop to that…thank god flare thought of that

To be fair, you always have an odd/difficult base, this war, firestorm is essential against your layout, blizz is pretty useless, + it causes the king to get isolated, I remember being on the home straight all by myself, waiting for my troops to catch up, it does make the game fun/interesting though :slight_smile:

Remember, with the +1 levels, the effect of all your health perking is now being reduced.

Good point!!!

I really dont know why Flare make some perks measure by % and otherd by numbers…

Sorry to broke this to you but the +1 level thing won’t stop.Best you can hope is for it to come as rare possible.

Took them a full 24months to add 3 levels to each tower/obstacles.Then they add 2 more in space of 7 months, mainly because of the balance being off from the introduction of firstly, blacksmith then secondly, uber chest.

Now, considering Alysea said theres new feature on the way, we can expect them to not come up with +1 level update for quite long after this


As soon as this happen, people complaint about not having a thing to do with their gold lmao

I will forge again)

we need this 1 level

problem is not about level

problem about lazzy only

u dnt wanna farm gold? Why?) no need make it fast, no changes for u,attack not change


Dont even know why people complaint about gold really.During ninja event you can farm 100m gold effortlessly, 30m coming from the event itself.

But even as paid players aren’t they bored by just upgrading +1 levels each time. A better option to your money would have been to spend on something new. 

A +1 upgrade is the only option when there is nothing new to be added.


But what to do else?

for me now no deal between war

ninja? For what? 16 ubers? Hahah,no motivation

no need gold

no need this league (375 gems?;))


really nothing to do now

Flare m screwed of +1 tower always as defence strength… this idea is getting boring n boring… now game is becoming boring hearing +1 tower upgrade… can’t you give us really new towers n something new… +1 idea is worst… Flare u must look at this statement… change ur thinking be creative…

Look, new feature is good and all but its not very nice if it requires money.

+1 levels only requires time and little bit effort which is much better.

True, yes, I guess everybody will have a different notion. 

True FG is trying its best to work the best possible option.

+1 upgrade and hopefully “Surprise” could be something new.


One possible way, FG can limit the paid players (by the way nobody wants the GOLDEN GOOSE to stop laying the golden egg) from finishing all the upgrades fast is to limit their gem spending in some way or the other. Otherwise, they will always be under pressure to do something, change something. In end, if FG does not respond, the golden goose will fly away. Again, my view. If I was a heavy paid member my opinion would have been different. So sorry if I offend anybody.