Win 3, loose 19?

Since the last update, whatever opponent I choose to attack, I never win more than 3 trophies. At the same time when somebody attacks me, I loose 19 (every time I login, it’s either -19 or -38 if 2 islands were under attack). Anybody else having the same issue?

Yes, I’m in the same boat. I’m currently having a lot of issues with people showing up on my map that seem impossible for me to beat also.

Not very productive right now…

Trophies will continue to drop mate… Just embrace it… Sunrise is coming

Yes, it is how it is, level doesn’t seem to count on how many trophies you gain, only trophies count, since the update I had only 1 enemy that had more trophies than me, and from him I gained 8 trophies, else it’s always 3. 

Remember before update max trophies was around 3000, so alot of people will drop till u even out to where u should be

I am still finding this a very real issue, maybe its because im in the upper acension level bracket but I always loose trophies now, i never ever win them from my defense. My defense is strong in my opinion (it might not be) but everybody seems to be having similar problems. There is no way to increase your trophies without losing loads and loads. It is a tough situation and i do try to keep active but sometimes with work and other commitments you can’t maintain that amount of attacks- 


ESPECIALLY when those you are attacking are 15+ ascension levels higher than you fully buffed. 

It does just paint a rather upsetting picture!

I just attacked three times destroyed them, no gem powers and used Prometheus and I checked my trophies right after and I dropped 28 trophies went from 9th to 11th. What’s odd is no one gained a island. You can’t attack, I should have gained 9 but I didn’t even get that, so I actually lost 37 trophies for attacking.

Just wanna say, my issue was resolved. I am getting up to 14 trophies a fight (and there are more for some enemies with 7 buffs, whom I don’t want to attack right now). When losing trophies - it also a random number


Thanks to developers, the game makes more sense now

Yep that was a bone they put out there. We all benefited from xxpoisedonxx but it’s back to the same no attack and keep building schedule as before.