At least developer friends, consider of each person that enters into an alliance that Phoebe already has, that she can only make use of it when she donates 5 Phoebes to the alliance. This would help the partnership to raise the level. It is not fair that a new one, making only one pro league already has its Phoebe and the beast released as a defense by an alliance. It should be that a new one enters the alliance with Phoebe, but that person had it blocked until he donated 5 Phoebe’s. What happens if this person goes from alliance to another alliance? I should win another 5 Phoebe’s for that alliance and be able to enjoy that beast as a defense. If this were done, the new warrior would be more loyal to that alliance and would value Phoebe more and understand that doing pro league warfare is good for everyone. Many members do not do pro league, at least for the beast, they just do it for their clothing team and many times, either. They just do not do pro league, because they see it difficult, but they benefit from Phoebe, without having earned it with effort. In a thread I already published that Phoebe should eliminate the aura … now, you have already put guardians and we learn to face Phoebe (thank you). Since this does not want to change, if I would like you to consider this new that I ask you. This comment has already been commented by several people and everyone agrees that Phoebe must win. I should not enter one into an alliance and have everything done. This if we agree, so I ask please, make changes in this that one can use the Phoebe of the alliance, after he donates to the alliance 5 phoebe’s minimum. THANKS FRIENDS DEVELOPERS. Greetings, have a good weekend.


Sounds fair to me!!! :-) Especially C.Phoebe because she s the top pet, she should be activated only to those alliance members that have donated her. 

Although it doesnt sound like a bad idea if the same system is implemeted for all the other pets as well. Why a lame alliance member should get a higher level primal beast without having donated a single pet???

If FG wants to do something at an alliance level, maybe they should introduce alliance boosts for pets and primal beasts, where every alliance member should donate either gold, gems, pearls, pet food, etc.

I can only support this, but maybe not 5 donations but like 1 to unlock beast form .

Why do you want flare to make such imposition for every alliances in the game? That doesn’t make any sense. If you feel strongly for such a rule, you can already implement it in your own team.


You can tell new players who wants to join to donate 5 Phoebe or they can’t join you. Or you can tell them to donate 5 Phoebe or they can’t use the Phoebe in the team, failing which you’ll kick them.


You can basically impose any rule you want on your own team and teammates, but why ask flare to do it for every alliance? Some alliances don’t mind players coming in and enjoy Phoebe. If you mind, then like I said, impose it on your own team.

I agree with Alumbri. Definitely not 5 donations of Phoebe. That’s 100k crystals lol, 1 is better because you still have to buy Phoebe two separate times if you don’t already have him (1 time to unlock and 1 time to donate)

Just like what I said to OP, it’s really up to you to do it. Nothing is stopping you from imposing such a requirement on your own team. You can tell anyone who’s interested to join you that they need to donate 1 Phoebe.


You don’t need flare to make such a rule for every alliance because each one has their own rules.


Some don’t mind that you come into the alliance and enjoy Phoebe as long as you have 1 million donation. Some requires you to have at least 33.5% skull perk, and don’t care if you don’t donate any Phoebe. The list goes on.


You want only teammates that donate 1 Phoebe to be in your alliance, impose it. You want 5 Phoebe donation as a requirement, that’s your discretion too. Don’t need to affect all other alliances with your own alliance rules.

Alliance Leaders and Generals have A LOT better things to do rather than chasing each of the 50 members of their alliance to see who didn t donate a C.Phoebe and check whether they activated her as a primal beast …everyday.

C.Phoebe is the BEST primal beast and only those that spent the time and effort to acquire her should rightfully get her.

FG messed up BIG by allowing everyone in an alliance to get her freely like that.


Why should Flare make EVERY alliances out there have YOUR alliance rules? If you want such a rule, you impose it on your own team. If you think it’s too much trouble, then don’t. It’s really up to your own alliance. Make your own rules, and be relax or strict about your own rules as how you like. Don’t ask developers to force YOUR rule to every single alliance out there just because you are too lazy to do it yourself on your own team.



If the leadership (leader+generals) of an alliance have no control of Phoebe donations, then it’s their fault. They shouldn’t be that lazy. Pal donations is a very important aspect of the leadership team.

And Phoebe is not the best beast.

This is so not everyone especially low lvl player have directly phebe when they join an alliance with the beast unlocked…This player will then gain tons of trophies while before having the beast it was a paper base…

It will also motive players to donate.

Actually when s o joins an alliance with phebe he dosn’t care to even buy the pal and donate.

Also could help to ward against jumpers.

And also this is fair.

why should s.o that doesn’t  help alliances benefits from their advantages ???

LacunaC like it or not, C.Phoebe should be available ONLY to those that have activated her!!!

By making C.Phoebe available to all alliance members FG has messed up the balance of many castles. There r low level castles that r impossible to beat by the players of the same ranking just because they have C.Phoebe, as a result, there r TONS of posts in these forum with the title C.Phoebe is OP or please nerf C.Phoebe.

He shouldn’t. That’s why you should kick those players out of the alliance if they dn’t help.

You have the power to control this already.

Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We would agree with what Arrebimba said here. Therefore, I will move this to declined ideas. Thank you :slight_smile:

YEAH. And give the pro boosts only to members who participated in the pro league ?

Madlen is not fair to say that to clean your hands, because you do not want to read the truth about the problems that Phoebe is causing in the game. If we start to see other things that the problem has … What has served me since the beginning of the game (more than a year) to spend on pearls to enhance my towers, if Phoebe arrives and throws me everything from long distance ? It’s like everything I did to boost the game, it did not help at all. Time spent in the game many hours, so that PHOEBE destroys everything. We have learned to defeat Phoebe, but the problem persists. We have to keep quiet because you do not want to solve the problem for those affected, which is something I do not understand. The guardians are fine, but the problem persists. We give a small solution, accepting Phoebe but only those who pull out Phoebe can use this beast, I think it’s only fair when we agree on statistics with the aforementioned. You as a developer should not wash your hands, just for the comment of … "We would agree with what Arrebimba said here, therefore, I will move this to rejected ideas. I think that this answer is not the correct one. Imagine that everyone would throw those who did not win Phoebe in the alliance, it would happen that the alliances would be empty and very apart, this is not going to be done, since nobody wants their alliance empty. There is no need to use the power of expulsion, but it would be just that automatically, those who did not give for Phoebe, not let choose that beast and could choose while the rest of beasts and this could continue in the alliance. Surely that person if he has hope to continue in the game, would do everything possible to activate his Phoebe and continue in the alliance in the meantime. It does not make sense that a few of each alliance made an effort to activate Phoebe and that others who arrive can already enjoy it. Why is it necessary for a few if they can free a beast and the rest that comes does not? With all my respects Madlen, but you do not want to solve the mistake you have made as developers, we give you a solution, but you do not want to solve it when it comes to Phoebe and … you know what? … rectifying is wise. Why do not you accept that everyone who wants to use Phoebe, earn it like the rest did? We speak to you with clean and noble arguments, but you give no argument. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR BEHAVIOR, perhaps in the only way that you can understand the behavior as a developer, is that you are a developer, but not a player who has tried like all of us that IF we strive and are loyal to you, spending effort for nothing . THANK YOU.

The issue to be discussed takes only 3 days in the forum and you already want to withdraw the matter to ideas not accepted? Is that the case we are given to those we feed them?