WIN PLACE or SHOW me how???

I like playing games, but I am a terrible gamer (so please be kind).

For myself, strategy involves, mashing the keyboard, and hitting whatever button lights up first, and hope for the best.

There are still elements to this game which I do not understand,

to me it seems to magically happen.

I would like to be a better player; and so since this is the player help player part of the forum,

maybe someone can explain a few things to me.


TROPHIES:  one thing I know is that when you go to war, it tells you how many trophies you will win for a  3 crown victory,

and I have felt the sting of loosing to an opponent the game feels you should not have, a win can get you 5 trophies, a loss can cost you - 20 trophies,

but when I log and go to sleep I notice IF I had 1,550 trophies, in the morning I have 1, 015 I guess your castle defenses matters,

if I loose when attacking, does the player I attack get those trophies or do they just go poof! I also notice that players who are several player levels than I am

often have more trophies (not like 5 or 6) I am talking hundreds. Trophies are an aspect of the game which are still a mystery to me.


EVENTS: ALLIANCE WARS etc:  currently this is day one of an Alliance War, most of my Alliance have had their 6 battles, and here comes that trophy thing,

my Alliance mates are lower level than I am, also have lower trophy counts, and yet somehow have over 1K more skulls than I do. 

When I choose an opponent to fight, I try to find someone, who is in my level bracket, or just under, a player who has equal or lesser amounts of trophies

than I do, and who is most likely to give me a 3 crown victory. Should a player bite off way more than they can chew, attack a higher level player, with more trophies

and hope for the best? I was thinking attacking an opponent that you think you can beat, is wiser than seeing huge skull counts and going for wishful thinking.

However my Alliance mates all seem to do way better than I do. I do not want to be top gun and be number one on the leader board, but I also do not want to

be at the very bottom of it either.


I am hoping that someone out there has some constructive advice, or information about playing, to maximize my playing potential.

This is still an Awesome game, I just want to not be one of the “Knights Who Say n00b” :slight_smile:  

First don’t worry about trophies they come they go…

They other guys may have a skull perk on gear to get more skulls per fight.

never stop upgrading your base

That’s it simply

Trophies matter during Ninja, Yeti and Zombie events. You wanna be in your range so you can get more pearls and chests. Other than that when you lose trophies the player you lost to will get the trophies that you lost.

In War , the top/strong players from the opposite team give more skulls, I think its not based only on trophy level but its based on the defense strength + some other factors. Skull perk gives you more skulls per battle during war.

Strategy, if your opponent defense is strong but doesn’t have werewolf, stun spell can help you a lot especially in corners and turns where towers are crowded, or to avoid towers on the opposite lane killing your troops (stun and move troops to next location). I do consider these things player level + medals + trophies + defense layout, towers and troops + boosts, before attacking a player, studying the defense where the heal tower is located, if they have boosted bomb towers (they will never let you amass troops), another big problem is phoebe, deciding where to fight phoebe in the defense layout or how to avoid it etc

Other strategies spells troops etc depends on the opponents defense layout, waves. For example one troop combination most players use is Wolf Ogre defense in wave 1&2, some ways to counter them is 1) use of blizzard spell to kill the wolf before it howls and use of archers or arblasters or sword rain to kill ogres, 2) is use of frosters (though they wont survive beyond half game for me) they are effective in stopping and killing wolf and slowing down troops and towers, frosters are good initial support troops, 3) use sword rain forged with 3+ sec stun, this kills the ogre and stuns the wolf if used before it howls, then you kill the wolf with your primary weapon or troops. Ogre boosted by werewolf howl can wreak havoc with its boosted attack rate and health in the mean time more waves join only complicating the existing problem.

Once in a while its good to bite more than you can chew, I do attack someone so high level just to see how far I can go and to see how devastating the top players are.