wind boots

I keep getting a wind boots offer, need to know a few things.


  1. Is it just boots that offer “wind” boost.

  2. do the top players generally use them.

  3. What is a decent percentage to get. And what is the max,


Should I get some new kicks

They increase the movement speed of you hero. Yes top players do use them to hit many towers with a single spell. Decent would be above 10, highest I have seen to this date is 29.4.

I’m not sure about my answers, others will confirm or not but


  1. yes, in these months I got wind boost only on boots


  1. I know a couple of them they use, but I guess quite all use speed boost boots


  1. I have 16% and I saw others with 21-24 up to 29%: I had 10% before 16% but I didn’t see much difference between these two. I saw a video in which the king had 20% and the difference from 16 to 20% is more sensible…

still cant forgive my self for letting go a pair of 20.1% speed boots. I had a 16% at the time and was short of gems so i thought that i’ll get a better one later on. now its over a month that i didn’t see any  :angry:

Wind boosts are definitely desirable!

When you see wind boost boot offers for gold than just buy them as long as they are better than your current wind boost.

For gems, I guess the new offer should at least have some percent more than your current pair of boots and an overall minimum of like 10%, to be worth the price.

But it also depends a bit on 1. how quickly you currently get gems from tournaments and 2. how costly some boots are (e.g. a cheaper offer might be worth buying while a more expensive offer with the same stats might not be worth it for that higher price). Though, as boots have no base stat, speed boost boots won’t “deprecate” / get outdated for as long as you get better wind boost boots, so they will usually stay with you for a while! :slight_smile:


Still, as wind boost is only available for boots, generally my advice is use the wind boost boots when they have 10%+ speed boost. Always.

I got 21% wind boots from granny for 145 gem which was a steal , what i really need from granny now is a good sword 

Wind boots is the best boots ever!!!

I use 23.3% boots, and i can win top 10 players with no scrulls thx to my speed boost :slight_smile:

^^^ That’s great to hear. I didn’t go for my offer, 19% boots. I really regret that now. Oh well christmas is around the corner, fingers crossed.


If granny offers me scream boost 1 more time I’m gonna scream.

scream boost with speed boots is actually quite useful, your units will run after you at their max speed, regardless of poison, fire, or ice effects on them


lol… there is nothing that offers both. Weebo is saying is only scream is being offered.

i meant you should have one object with scream boost (preferably 13% or more) and another with wind boost (preferably 17% or more)

I have like 30% scream boost and it’s beyond pathetic. I don’t think if you combine them they become more powerful. wind boots only speed your hero right.

It really would be awesome if I could get kicks for every troop. even though most of them float.

Still I guess with a high wind boost, you just may end up with your hero running ahead all/most of the time without your troops being able to follow quickly enough.

Soloing a base is sometimes possible, but always harder than having your troops do part of the work.

That’s why some scream boost --> more frequent screaming --> on average faster-moving troops can be useful to get your troops with you.

what i meant was the wind boots to speed up your king, and the hero scream to speed up the units; and together (depending on your attack strategy, of course!  :wink:

Christmas has come early, got offered the wind boots again, decided to take them this time. SO exited, not even tried them on yet, will take them for a spin shortly.


Oh it was a bit more expensive this time, must be some kind of granny inflation.



update : inaitial thoughts are they’re really good, especially for dodging ogre’s. But if I had a high leadership boost stat on boots, is it worth slipping back to my old pair.


second update: Wow he really is so much quicker, it’s like he popped molly on an ice-rink. He just ran right under the club of an ogre and didn’t come out. He must learn to control these new powers.


there were several…  :slight_smile:


i don’t think there is inflation; sometimes you get really nice offers (65% off :wink:

I am wearing 21% wind speed boot and that has been using since around 30 levels ago. Granny finally offer me a new epic wind speed boot but 15%. She must be kidding me the speed bonus is lower than the one I bought 30 levels ago.