[Windows 10 Pro] Problem with receiving Gems after making a purchase

Is anyone had this problem I ordered gems and I didn’t get them instantly, I contact support and after 4 hour I got them…

And today I ordered again and same thing didn’t got the gems again… Is this issue known or only me?

RR2 isn’t currently supported in Windows 10 according to flare.

It’s the same platform as windows 8

The game works great just the issue with the gems is annoying

I have the same problem now I got charged but no Gems… Windows 10.

When I was on Windows 8 I couldn’t buy the small packages only the most expensive ones.  

That’s probably because you could afford the small packages.



I would recommend you to send a ticket to Flaregames support: http://feedback.flaregames.com

Hey :slight_smile:

Please stay patient, I have informed the support again about the problem.