Windows 10 problem

I upgraded from windows phone 8.1 to windows mobile 10. The game turned into a kind of tetris, where the textures that were?


I have read somewhere Flare don’t fully support Windows 10 OS. So that why we have ugly texture on Windows. However on my Ipad the texture are beautiful. So they should invest more time to polishing and improve quality texture in Windows

According to the screenshots this seems like an old version of Royal Revolt 2.

Can you confirm that you are on the latest version?

Please share your specifics of your phone @ruslanlug thx

i know I have see this somewhere. Too much old i don’t remember the fix. I know somewhere Alysea have give the fix. Many have got this problem in the past on phone. Maybe just the lact of power from your phone. I will check on the forum if i can find it

I have 3 windows device on which I played RR2. My surface 2 have normal texture, my older phone had blocky texture but my “newest” windows phone have crystal clear texture. It may depend on the device hardware.

@oPelle this ok?

wp_ss_20180606_0003 (2).png

So it adjusts the games textures if the graphic card is too bad?