Windows 10 shortcut keys


Is there any way to change the shortcut keys on windows 10? 

Is terribly annoying trying to fight on my laptop using the default shortcuts 1,2,3,5,6,7,q. etc

How people do? Do you have 3 hands? no clue how people do to do this exploit very impressive you use one hand on the mouse and the other hand at same time you look the screen. You must die sometime or lose so much time by looking your keyboard each time. Hard way to play a game on PC

There is 2 best method I use

1.Use only the mouse and click on icon. Better faster and you don’t lose momentum

2.Use only 1,2,3 for summon units and use the mouse for spells. This one make you full control of all

12,3,4,5,6 plus Q and others with one hand? no clue how some do.

Don’t ever look at the keyboard when attacking on a laptop lol. That’s how you die! I can’t say much cause, though I do play on a laptop, I am experienced at typing so I know where to place my fingers and am accustomed to moving them around a ton. It is harder for some people to attack on a laptop, but for me, it is much easier than a mobile device