Windows 8.1 Compensation? (on 1.6.0 update fail)

Is it okay? Is it fair?


What would be done by the community in order to help mitigate this kind of stuff from happening in the future, and to prevent others from rage quitting the game?

They should have put up gold shields on every one using the windows 8 version until they could fix the problem; and while I vote for a package comp. I don’t know what package would be right, which is why the gems seems the a best plan B

Yes it is fair for windows user to receive some possible compensation.

Imagine we didn’t have an access for more than 3 days now.

we did not plat RR2 for 3 days and it is like 3 years for me i have told this before i love RR2 more then my g.f please flare all i can do is to beg now for God sake give us the update or i will commit a suicide  :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you drop some gems in me mani? I only have 2 left…

Having withdrawals :slightly_frowning_face:

Compensation??? I don’t think so. We need no compensation, but they do need getting punished. And they will, many people will drop off due to so many days of inactivity and loosing pace. This is a shameful stupid bug and they need weeks to fix it. they are either stupid or incompetent, or both.

^^ agreed on the compensation front, not bothered whether we actually get any.


I hope it isn’t weeks. But thinking it could be if they have to fix the issue and then send it to microsoft and wait for them. I guess 1 week.  Depends if they have been working on it over the weekend and sumbit it to microsoft first thing.

not only hundreds make it thousand OF GEMS!! a long way time we didn’t play, lose money and missed upgrades… and we are too late to catch up leaderbord


HOW is that feel if android and iOs will same as windows situation? -_-

One week of inactivity is already very, very bad. A big NO if you’re one of those fastest growing games of the year. They need to fix this ASAP or it will be very, very difficult for them to keep most Windows gamers.


I stuck with RR2 because it was one of those good games (if not the only one) in the Windows Store that is entirely Free-2-Play, doesn’t look like crap, and doesn’t make players buy a “Full Version” to continue enjoying the game. There isn’t much of an alternative in the Windows Store, but in the end players would leave if it continues to be like this.


And yeah, imagine if it happened to Android and iOS players too, the game would be essentially a ghost town. Guess they managed to avoid that one. And of course some paid players have already dropped off so they already got some punishment alright. But for those of us who are waiting for the game to be back, we need something to make up for the lost time, especially since the problem was not on our end.


In the end, we, as players, also need to do something to keep our game community from being destroyed by negativity and rage. We can’t enjoy a game with a bad community, right?

first of all fix the game!!!cant wait!!!

i think give us a thousand gems per day for the compensation

I don’t know whether flare takes a christmas break but if the update isn’t up this week, it is likely in the new year. I think if a month passes before an update that might warrant some sort of compensation. I would hate to not play for a long time.


I would like an estimate of when they think this might be resolved.

I bought a gold shield 7 days. This minutes before the bug. I’ll for 3 days without playing. I want to see who will return the 995 gems that spent buying a atoa shield.

Just before the update I had an offer of three workers package for about 3500 gems, now I pretend to have the same package at free or with a 70-80% discount, thanks.

Maybe flaregames should pause all the Windows accounts… meaning, from when we Windows PC players got the update until we get another update, nothing from then will apply… all our upgrades get paused, and all attacks on our accounts do not make a difference (same number of gold and trophies), all special offers still available, etc.

Honestly I don’t think they could just do that (for technical reasons).


Moreover, imagining I would be a win-pc player, I am not sure if I’d even like that. I mean, currently I am having over half a dozen upgrades running, many of them lasting another 1-3 days. When I now couldn’t play for 3 days, I would at least like to see that all that upgrades are finished when I can play again.


I mean, sure, losing gold (and potentially gems from gold shields) is annoying, but gold can relatively easily be gained again, so (unless having a gold shield + full treasury before) it wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Missed out offers for packages or granny might hurt, but those are quite random anyways, so not much of a loss maybe.

Losing a league instead of winning it, or spending many gems on a gold shield without then being able to use it, however, would really annoy me.

Even more annoying might be losing my update progress (by pausing the account completely).


From this (= mine) point of view, I’d say compensation yes, but not thousands of gems per day and/or free packages.

Instead, what about these:

  1. Complete or speed up all building/tower/etc. updates that are currently still in progress. This will help to speed up progress and make up for lost opportunity to gather gold and start new upgrades for several days.

  2. Gold shield for as long as the issue lasted (e.g. currently would be 3 days; if the fix takes another 4 days then it would be 7 days, so Win8 pc users would then get a free 7day gold shield). This will help to gather a lot of gold in the next days and be able to start new upgrades, as well as make up for the gold shields that some players bought but then couldn’t use.

  3. Some gems (maybe 50-100 per day?). This will mostly cover potential losses from not participating in leagues and can be seen as compensation for the missed playing time / fun, while not being enough to put those at a disadvantage that actually were able to play (on other OSs) - giving 1k+ gems per day would just be way too much…

And while you might argue that being able to play and winning on diamond league would have yielded you more gems per day than what I suggest to cover both leagues and compensation for lost fun, consider the following: Winning diamond league would also have been a lot of hours and hard work for you that you just didn’t have to spend now, and had free real life time. And of course, most players just couldn’t have won a diamond league for the simple reason that only 1 out of 15 players can win each league…

Plus, with thousands of players concerned, exactly compensating everyone personally would be way to much work.


So, for short, I suggest: 1. speed up or complete currently running upgrades, 2. gold shield, 3. (low) amount of gems.

Those compensations would be helpful for anyone (unlike fixed gold amounts) and concentrate on balancing out the received disadvantages rather than just giving away “presents” that are not directly related.

I would say you guys deserve compensation but nothing more than a free shield as you guys didn’t lose any gems during the period of inactivity.With free shield you can catch up on the upgrade , 3 days should do maybe 1+ 3 days shield but never 7 days shield.

Heroesflorian, Fii Nami, you are forgetting the compensation for the non-material loss we are suffering! RR2 is our drug and we are all drug addicts!