Windows ADs bug compensation

For those unaware, Flare finally managed to fix the broken ADs on Windows sitaution, as per quote:

  • Video Ad Rewards should be working fine on Windows again. We are really sorry this took such a long time, circumstances and time constraints made it impossible for us to fix this sooner.

However, it appears that they’ve also changed it further in our disadvantage, because I’ve managed to watch 3 ADs, finally able to speed up the building times, and now I am unable to watch another AD, as it is on a 5hr cooldown, which you can see on your own by selecting any building, clicking the pink Arrow pointing upwards, and see that the AD button is unavailable, conveniently replaced by a forced cooldown. As a reminder of how the situation looked like previously, the only time one was unable to utilize the AD mechanic was when the AD provider has run out of ADs, or whatever the reason behind that was, and users were forced to manually delete the VungleSDK folder on their drives in order to refresh them, as it was possible the ADs would sometimes not even properly reactivate themselves into the pool of available ADs.

Amazing. Please remove this cooldown that wasn’t here before, because as of right now, this is not a fix on the issue but a step backwards, a nerf of a mechanic that’s gone untouched for the past 2+ years, and we demand to at least know why this change has been made, as this has also not been explained anywhere. I’m honestly not sure what the community managers are(n’t) doing.

Now to get on to the crux of the issue - compensation for all the lost resources.

As Flare has gotten us used to, no announcement has been made on the issue, other than the quote I’ve posted above, which is - yet again - very disappointing.

To the best of my knowledge, the entire Windows AD fiasco begun on exactly 25th May current year, meaning that we’ve gone without Golden Chests and other benefits of using ADs for exactly 68 days. That’s a lot of time to have one of your main game features broken and rendered entirely unavailable. Golden Chests are available each 4 hours on a daily basis, meaning one was able to gather 6 of them each day. 68 days equals 1632 hours, divided by 4 that leaves us an exact 408 Golden Chests (maximum) that each Windows player has missed during the period of those 68 days.

However, even people who use mobile phones daily couldn’t have possibly snatched each and every single one of them, so let’s lower that number to something more realistic, say 350.

And so, where is our compensation for all the missed Golden Chests? Having worked within the industry before, whenever we faced an issue that affected the vast majority of the playerbase, there’s always been compensations given out. They may not always have been exactly what the users expected or wanted (e.g. not the exact amount of missing stuff), but it’s always been carried out - publicly announced, on time, with appropriate messages reaching each and every affected user who has contacted us about it through customer support during the course of however long such an issue lasted.

Given my experience, imagine my surprise as I’ve scoured the Announcement section, not seeing so much as a mention of a possible compensation about this. This is quite below the standards I’ve seen in the industry and I would expect Flare to send everyone at least some decent number of Golden Chests to their accounts, with infinite expiration time set on those chests, so that the players could properly utilize them as time goes on. Flare may deem 350 Golden Chests an unreasonable amount, but at the very least giving everyone anywhere between 50 and 100 Golden Chests should be such an obvious solution that I’m frankly embarassed having to write this post, calling it to Flare’s attention.

Hopefully they’ll do the right thing and show the users they are appreciated.

Just to let you know that the ad problem is affecting all platforms.  But some people are having no cooldowns. 

If you have read the other topic about Ads you will have learn its not everyone who are touched by this cooldown issues and seem to be related to the region. So if you have cooldown its sad but in this case. the only solution its for you to move in a country where provider offer video illimited like Canada or US or others country who offer illimited video without restriction and without cooldown. Flare cannot do anything about it. You must accept it or don’t its up to you

I’m in Canada and getting cool downs after the update. Never had problems before.

Unless Flare has changed providers then the problem is with flare.  If they are using a new company, then it might be that companies fault. Maybe even a bit of both with them mis-comunecating.

I’m also in Canada and never got problem since 2.1.0 when video ads was introduce in the game. So maybe there is a another factor than the region. I guess its that we try to know which? Because I can watch video like before without problem. No cooldown and they are illimited

Not to be picky, it just keeps confusing me when I see it.

because on my side I am illimited is the fact. So I don’t know why you are confuse about it. I can watch 100,200,1000 video if I want without have ‘’ You have no offer at this moment,wait and try later’’

I’m really mad that once more this issue isn’t fixed but…

I’m not so naive as to think they would give us EVEN 50 chests.

In fact, I don’t even know if there’ll be any compensation at all, since this is an “optional” thing.

I hope Flare listens to you though  :slight_smile:

I don’t care about “compensation” just have it work the way it used too.

For me who played on Windows Phone, since the new update, the ads have not  returned: “No offer, try later”. :slightly_frowning_face:


and they have make wait over 2 month for this mess? so this feature still give random result apparently. Some have video but with cooldown, others have video without cooldown, other had video but not anymore. Others don’t had any video but get them now,etc… Wait 2 month for this? or long for a real fix? I understand the frustration of everyone here.

Flare are the only one who treats their customers like a big pile of shit. Impressive and no answer since 4.0 Where is the new communication? already gone? that don’t took so long before stop

each time this kind of problem happen with video ads for the others. I feel bad. I hate to have a advantage the others don’t have access. All my video work great,no cooldown and illimited. Why everyone cannot enjoy the same thing like me? I become frustrated because I want everyone enjoy this like me

@PaSte @Pete @Lisa We need answer why video ads give randoms result. Why no one obtain the same result? Too much complex to give the same thing to everyone? what cause this mess each time? What are the real factor? why video ads don’t work for everyone like its suppose to be since over 2 years? why players have problem with video ads over 2 years?

PS : I boycott the game until this problem is fix for everyone. I refuse to play a game where I have advantage over the others. Its something I don’t accept in the real life so no more in a game. Its not in my personality to abuse of something vs the others. So until Flare fix this. I stop play this game and will continue only when the others will have what I have

I dunno, I put it in plain English in the other thread on this, but people still run to Flare blaming them.

Ads differ depending on:

  • Country
  • Region
  • ISP
  • Platform (Windows/iOS/Android/Windows Mobile)
  • Profile of user
  • How many videos they previously watched
  • Potentially how many times they click through on an ad

The ad provider takes all that information, and then determines if it’s worth showing an ad to the user, and paying a small bit out to Flare, who then give the payout (boosted farm, tavern, chest).  Flare use that small payout to run and improve the game.

It means that two users don’t get the same experience based on all of the above, and the option for Flare is either continue with them and use the income to fund the game, or stop videos entirely, and increase the cost of everything else to compensate.

I’d be entirely for the former, the boosts are not essential, and if you’re deemed not ad-worthy by the ad provider, then you can pay a small amount of gems for the same thing.  If you prefer the latter, then you’re advocating costs going up, in which case you must already have the money to pay for the boosts…

Nothing in this life is free :slight_smile:

So how does any of that explain why so many people are now having a cool down when none of them had any issues before?

Before they would have not got the payouts after watching the video, now Flare are showing this information in the UI, and not showing further videos until the payouts are confirmed (or timing out after 6 hours).

Why must American players be favored over European players? In your opinion, is this form of discrimination fair and just? I agree with you that boosts are not essential. But it is essential to have the same treatment.

If there are players who can watch unlimited videos, it is right that everyone should be able to watch the same number of videos. If the windows users after three videos have a six-hour cooldown, (if that’s the rule) it’s okay that everyone after three videos will have a six-hour cooldown.

Here we talk about equity. Not of “nothing is free in this life”.

As long as people are on different devices/platforms/countries, it is, by definition, impossible to have the same treatment.

American players are worth more to the advertising company as they earn more and buy more, if you want to fix it, raise the GDP of your country to match America… (I’m in Europe myself).

Windows users are further limited by having only one ad platform, again, if you want to fix it, setup an alternative ad platform for Windows.

Flare does have the option to have every player limited to watching X# videos per day, and that would be fine.

Before it was just Windows players that got cut out and that is as you described

But FLARE changed something and now people are treated differently without reason or explanation.


This is a limitation created by flaregames not by the advertising provider.
Windows users have the same ad provider, however if they are in america they have no limitations, if they are in europe they have a cooldown of six hours after three videos watched.

Defending those who are wrong is wrong. The law is the same for everyone, it does not depend on the GDP of the country.

I’m in Europe and can watch multiple videos daily.

You’ll also find laws are different on a per country basis.

So you want to reduce the income Flare gets and increase prices on everything else in the game.

If so, make that your argument, as Flare does not control what the ad providers do.