Windows Advertising Problem

The problem started precisely when you added the “Tribez” commercial to the advertising rotation, and after two days I sent in a ticket.

The customer support informed me that you are working on it, however no form of compensation for us Windows player had been decided as of yet.

Now, however, the problem has been going on for nigh on a week with, to my understanding, still no solution in sight. This has caused alot of annoyance since we’ve had the Alliance War and now the Ninja event during this time.

No “Free Extra Chest”, no double gold, no Free Boosts and no building or research time reduction is severely impeding my gameplay, and I am fully aware it cripples the advancement of all other Windows Players as well.

Do you by now at least have a timeframe for a fix?

I have personally bought Gems to enhance my gameplay, but I am beginning to feel slightly cheated.

Therefore some form of reimbursement for us using the Windows platform does begin to seem in order.


Thank you for your time, and I really hope you get to grips with this issue ASAP, for everyone’s sake.





I had the same ad I’ve been having for the past x months and it hasn’t changed when ads stopped being beneficial. Hell, I didn’t even have a “rotation” (unless you’d consider 2-3 different ads for the exact same thing a rotation). So not sure how this ad I never have broke the entire service.

I have read that post, however still no new information has been released.
And since I can’t reply to it I figured this to be the place to go to.

I never implied the ad itself had anything to do with it, I just used it to supply a timeframe.


I was just hoping for other people to maybe join in requesting it be solved faster and possibly even ask for some compensation, as alot of resources, time, gems and other very helpful aspects of the Ad system are lost to every Windows player, every day.




Nothing wrong with that, however people have been requesting things from flare (usually for them to get to work and fix stuff) for years, to which flare usually tells them to bugger off (maybe not literally but ignoring pleas/requests can be interpreted accordingly). :slightly_frowning_face:

Although maybe if there’s a large scale boycott they’ll get the message… Well, for now now all we can do is wait.

its sad but Flare don’t care. Where are they? Since thursday or Friday last week no more sign. What they do? what the hell they wait,etc… Answer : Don’t care of windows user. That was like this since day 1. You can find many topic about injustice Windows vs Mobile. The fact is if the problem was on mobile oh trust me long time Flare have fix it in just few days but because that happen on Windows. Flare don’t care. Its one of many reason why RR2 dying week after week and lose player. in March still below 50k players I am curious now to see how player still in the game 20k,15k,10k?


When will the video work in Windows 10? The forge is filled, in the inventory, all 75 cells are occupied, what I get from the chests, I need to sell!

Flare is waiting for response of Vungle. We have been through this process already a while ago, in December 2016 suddenly no videos for some Windows users, we waited till a user figured out (with a sniffing tool) that flare send incorrect Json format to Vungle, so we had no videos for 9 months.

Now the videos are displayed, so the JSon format will be correct, but for some reason now the rewards aren’t given, can be incorrect result returned by Vungle or something similar. All we can do is wait.


what if SOMEONE is playing on mobile and its windows? hahah?

ok lol of course Windows user vs Mobile (Android and IOS)

mobile =Android, iOS, Windows

windows is a cursed OS, android ftw ?

whats going on this has been over a week now … should we go somewhere else … no update to what is happening… 

im getting ads again but no chests … is this the fix … just piss everyone off


Some windows user start to have video ads work and receive rewards. At least for all players outside EU. Because of the GDPR thing. Maybe can take few days again before everyone get them

FYI I have no offers at this time. If it was a GDPR thing it would certainly narrow things down. Get to it, flare (next week that is, because you don’t work weekends).

Not sure if there is a direct connection between the implementation of GDPR and the Vungle Ads issue.

However I do know this: VPN rules !

Why you might ask? Well, I am not one that likes the idea of being treated a second grade player because I happen to play on a windows 10 device in the EU. So I tried some more options. Today I tried the option of playing RR2 as a EU-citizen but with a Canadian IP-address. And behold, not only did I get free chests again but boosts can be activated once more.

That’s all I have to say.


If I get the time I will try other countries VPN-wise and update this post with my finding (workable IP-address via VPN):

  • Australia 
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • USA

@CaptainRoyalRevolt Well done mate. This goes to show there IS a corelation between lack of ads and something European. People have been reporting issues with their facebook (yuk) connection recently too, wonder if that’s related as well.

That reminds me, I was to look for some VPNs ages ago but forgot. Maybe I should look into that again.

There is something I don’t get: FG claimes Vungle is apparently  to blame for the Ads issues for a subset of players on Windows devices. Yet when an alliance member iPhone does get working Ads but not me when that very iPhone is in hot-spot mode (acting as a WiFi-hub) how can it be Vungle’s fault? Why does the Ads issue act up in a situation like that?

Pretty sure the IP-address of that iPhone does not change when it is set to hot-spot. Only after again I activate a VPN on my Windows device through the iPhone are Wifi-hub I get working Ads…

I leave to it to you to make your own conclusions.

BTW: I do hope my troubleshooting is helpful to both players and FG. I really like to just play the game, not in stead having  to figure out where it goes wrong.