Windows and food

How can I compete in Leagues with Android/iOS users who essentially have unlimited supply of food? I’m currently in a tournament and a low-level king is whipping my mid-high level king’s tail. Based on his 100-200 medals/battle (that’s how he’s been advancing), he isn’t fighting high level competition, but he’s fighting A LOT.


I know it’s been said before–that Windows players are at a disadvantage–but this is ridiculous. To separate this topic from others, I want to look forward, so this is for Jona and anyone else who has knowledge:


What is Flare CURRENTLY doing to even out the playing field in this regard? I’d really like to know before I spend another dollar on this game. I want people to be able to play as much as they want, so isn’t there a way to create an online ad viewer (through a browser) where all a person has to do is watch a video, type in their IGN, and get food?


I don’t care for free gems. I don’t need Tapjoy. I just want to be able to compete in the actual game. If I’ve invested so much time into getting my king up there, then why should a low level player be able to beat me in a League just because of the platform I’m on?

Im playing too with Windows and i don’t have free food for watching vidéo please add This bonus for Windows ! :slightly_frowning_face:

Right said ,its more over a windows player competing android or ios,than a mid lvl competing high lvl player.

they must certainly separate windows and android players in leagues.

Hello Blookie Bloo,


I agree with you Blookie, i’m playing on pc, but unfortunately i’ve made an habit…i try always to win a simple diamond league but it’s very ridiculus be overtaken by people with less or over 1000 trophies only because the gems that they earn by offer they spend them through food.

And the matchmaking is stupid because you find people with over 1000 trophies over you that they can earn 100% plus than your normal medals that you can take from opponents… How can i win on this?

Recently Staff removed " invite friend of facebook " to earning food and replace this thing by offers or watching video.

So i don’t really know what Flare can do with this thing.

I hope this situation will be solve as soon as possible, because now i’m tired of this fact.




That’s another great option: Separate the platforms in leagues. iOS/Android in one, Windows for the other. Or make it an option, if you think you can compete globally.


Another option: Allow free food through clicking ads. Other Windows apps allow integration of text/photo ads. To keep a clean interface, make the ad show up only when the player needs more food.


Yet another option: Allow timed panel ads. A player can activate ads on the side of the app (optional). For every 5 minutes the ad is up and the app is open, the player is entitled to 1 battle’s worth of food. The game already has built-in timers. The player has the option to click on the ad to get instant food.


Yet another option: Create food packages through purchase. For $0.99/month, you get enough food for 30 extra battles per day. At an average of 400 medals per battle, that’s 12,000 extra medals per day at most. But don’t get greedy and charge more–the small monthly purchase will make us want to purchase extra workers so we can spend the extra gold we earn. That’s where the real money is, anyway, right?


Anybody else have any ideas? I didn’t mind losing when I was a lower level king. It just seemed right. But I’ve heard of players with high level kings getting pushed to the limit by kings with only 1000 trophies… smh

this is said loads of times. but flare dont care . those adds makes flare money . so they wont remove them. they only care for $$.

in the end it just ruins the game. atleast they need to give windows players other way to earn free gems. but i dont see it commin soon.


I think all we can do is keep encouraging them to make this game what it can be, give some ideas, and let them take care of the rest.


Keep adding to the list of ideas I present in post #5 in this thread. This is such a great game that’s so close to balanced and fair. The best thing you can do is make your voice heard, keep encouraging the designers, and give praise when they come through.

they not gonna listen to this topic…me too windows user…


I think flare listens about a lot of things: alliances, ploughing, imbalances, etc. That’s why I post. I don’t think I’m wasting my time. We just need to reach critical mass with our voices. Be united, not dispirited. :slight_smile:

An extra silo level / farm level.

It’s not hard to balance it for us, if they wanted to do it they would have done it already.

Flare does nothing because flares does NOT want to do anything… Thera are some games that allow players to watch some videos and then players have another opportunity to continue playing example (karma run). But developers don’t receive money for that and money s what flare wants and since Microsoft does not allow spam… Well

Flare could give us those options we are lack of… Just by adding them in game… But well it seem like people who work in this company are like living in a worse conditions than some homeless people…

Lol …