windows communoty FURIOUS

hi friends!!

why flare ignore windows problem? The support not answer the tickets… For moment  2 or 3 minutes repetitive bad connection loose chamber chest or in raids!!! I M HARCEL EVERYDAY SUPPORT AND FORUM FOR A GOOD PLAY! IS not normal the game crashed and bad connection! JE VEUX POUVOIR JOUER NORMALEMENT ET JE VOUS REMERCI PAS FLARE DE CONTINUE A NOUS IGNORER!!

yes dear flare, this game is very unstable again… Im fight and the game crash, i finish finally Battle and win this but crash again in camber of lucky, i see only my phone and RR2 crash… Whyyyyy??? Is ridiculous

p.s. My connection is very good of 101%

p.s.s. I use windows phone 10… Bye all

it is not only a window problem, on android it is the same problem,

Android users are disconnecting too like crazy ever since the ninja updates.  A complete fail

I am playing on both Windows and Android.  Haven’t had disconnects until today.  It’s been about once an hour today.  Kinda frustrating.


Flaregames Customer Service sells their horses & sound sleeps at weekend, Saturday & Sunday you will be not answered.

Close the background service of WhatsApp. It interferes a lot. See if other social messenger consuming process too much kill their background service.

you will be happier

i m test all and not fonction!!! Flare say 3months he work it and … Flare work new update! Windows dead for flare and not normal because have a players paid for play…

Don’t worry the latest update that flare released to fix was just a waste. Everyone is facing the same problem.

I too use windows but my is running smoothly.


The issue is not on Windows only.

Also, there will be more information about the crashes early next week, with hopefully some good news for the community about this. :grinning: