Windows notifications

Are there any notifications on windows? If yes, how do i enable them? If no, is this on a TODO list?


Thank you

If you talk about Windows PC and not Windows Phone. Yes you can have it. Normally they are activate by default. If not go in Settings in Notification and action to activate them. The only way you don’t have notification its if you still have Windows XP or 7. With 8, 8.1 and 10 have on by default

Is your problem has been solved? or not? what I have said help you?

hi, i am talking about windows phone :slight_smile: i have a friend with android and he gets notifications when he looses the lead on tournament, on wars etc. Is there a way i can have this too?

I found this : Opelle explain how to turn them on/off

i have the same issue as one of the peoples who complained in the topic you sent: I can’t find rr2 in the list; there are a lot of other apps but rr2 isn’t

ok I found this :

this topic its 1 year old but same today I think at this moment notification are not available right now




Now, you know a bit more :rolleyes:

because its the first time in the history of gaming that happen. I play since 90’s and same today you never see such a difference between device and platform in a game

You can play a game on Xbox or Playstation,PC and PS vita. A console game, vs PC vs mobile device and all the game gonna be the same about just some stuffs can change but not the entire game like Royal Revolt 2 its insane the difference and un-equality

I saw that few days ago on the other topic and O.O I don’t believe that. Just wow!!!

Notfications its a feature very important. When I play Dawn of Steel and receive notification and I see You have replied a attack of ‘‘Name of player’’ I know I won. If you see You have invaded by ‘’ name of player’’ I know he beat my base,etc…

a game without notification its like I don’t know a car without light, or I don’t know make love without condom or cooking without modern stuffs.Player need notificaition to play well

Windows players are still in a huge disadvantage, as the Vungle works only in numerous countries and even there - only sometimes. Have no idea why flares have decided to work with this so much limited and almost useless Vungle platform.

To give something to Windows players. Working with Vungle is better than nothing…