windows (pc) food/gems idea

So something needs to done, if we can’t go through microsoft can’t we go around them by watching ads/survey here and link our forum account to our king name. 


either way we need a soultion. 


quick question. How does the bread increase is it farm level related or king level related or overall bread used? 



Also I have many apps with ad banners, why don’t you guys have that revenue stream? I spend hours browsing my kingdom and you have to be connected to your servers anyway. easy money if you ask me. 


The windows user can’t do anything. if we don’t have any watch movie, remove watch video from The other platform.


Atleast group the windows uses only in tournaments so that they can atleast get some gems out of it and can buy some food. they are in no position to come even second in the tournaments. For me maintaining the position in diamond league itself is very tough. Most of the time I end up in position 8 or 9 winning 8 gems. Like I mentioned in other thread, food should be max at 200 and should be max of twice your king lvl if that is the base to calculate. This gives everyone a  nice reprive. Its only 15% reduction i guess but still a lot.


I would love that league format but then I’ve got no problem winning the Diamond league 5-6 times in a row playing on Lumia 720.You just need to prioritise your raid between loot and medals plus open an early gap between you and the 2nd place king to about 1500medals right from the start.

Yes sad to say,  Windows users is always at disadvantage position.


I been suggesting this idea to the developers.

I wish they will listen or do something.


I suggest:

  1. To have build additional farms, maybe 6 to 8 more farms, rather than just 4.

  2. If we can’t build more farms, how about an upgraded farms to level 14 or 15 that will produce 300 to 500 food.

  3. To have a SILO level 14 to 15, that can store 1000 foods.

Please help. I search but i can’t post anything. How can post something in Royal forum.


admin…can you answer my question?

if you cant post, how did you post this?

Here you go Mohamed. People didn’t seem to respond to my idea, but I think it’s an easy and simple solution. If nothing can be done you have to take away the option to watch videos from the other platforms to make it more “fair” Or at least make them buy bread by paying in gems only.

Here’s my idea for getting free gems…

  • To make a kind of daily challenges that offer gems according to your king level.

  • If not daily challenges then, maybe daily rewards.


My idea for getting more food…

  • Increase the silo and farm levels

  • (If Flare can) Show ads of their other games. (Also for Gems. :wink:

  • Decrease the food required to attack other players

  • Get food when you have a good defense and others can’t defeat you. In other words - A Perfect Defense. (It is a pretty good idea)


I will post more ideas when I get ideas :grinning:

Food depends on king level.

This topic has been going on for quite some time now, and the reason nothing is being done is because the devs think this is not game breaking. Frankly I don’t have much issue with no free food for now as a mid level player.

Thnx your the only one who replied to my question. I worked it out weeks ago now though. :grinning:

Flare games is no gonna do anything about this. And why, well it is because that eager of money flare is having… Those ideas we’ve been suggesting are not going to please flare games money dreams. Dios no lo quiera pero si esto sigue asi. Todos los usuarios de Windows se ban a ir… Reaccionen… It is not that late.