Windows PC player difficult for attacking

can you add custom keyboard feature for button Units, Spells and King Scream. The default choose is so difficult, I mean the best choose is use QWE-ASD-R button is to be good for hands people in the world

Thank you

PC User

Personally I feel comfortable with those keys and raiding on PC is easier for me than raiding on phone, but I agree that on PC we should be able to change the keys used to cast stuff on raids as we wish.

yeah some easier if PC featured by numlock pad. But I’m using laptop not featured numlock pad, so I have to raiding with 3 hands LOL

Lol, well I raid in laptop too and I still find it easy, no need of a third hand :stuck_out_tongue:  

Hahahaha… Yeah

but flaregames still need to add this feature :grinning: sometime i want click 5 but i still click 4 its annoying the spell still not work

lol i totally use my mouse to play for pc . what is the keyboard combination for windows pc users : if someone can post would be great help . thank u


1 2 3 buttons to spawn troops

5 6 7 buttons to cast spells

9 0 buttons to cast scrolls

Q button to scream

Huge thanks bro . i will start practising this soon . lol how i reached 4.5k trophies without knowing this haha :stuck_out_tongue:  hope it helps me to get stronger even faster.


any actions for button   :   4   ?


for my keyboard layout is like


7    8      9

4    5      6

1    2      3


nothing for the 4 but it’s missing the insta-troops button so they could put 4 but i’d avoid to put 4 for insta-troops since you can missclick it and maybe you didn’t want to spawn the insta-troops, si i’d rather go for W or E.

well for the most common keyboard, the layuot you mentioned is for all like that for the numpad right side. 

just a feel that it could have been better if


1    2    3    for troops

4    5    6    for spells

7    8    9     scrolls and insta troop


This sounds fine for desktops with separate keyboards, but in laptops something like 1/2/3, Q/W/E/, A/S/D, sounds more logical.

still not sure if put scrolls and insta-troops nearby is the good way. 

may like this more user friendly :

q w e r for troops and insta

1 2 3  for spells

5 t for scrolls

4 for scream  :slight_smile:


I Agree with this…


i have no problem with my pc because its touch screen 

It’s not about Touch Screen Featured User

i know but its good

Um really…notice the numbers in those icons…the keys are in the icons!!!

hahahaha he didn’t read it very smart not to read it 

Alrighty then …this is a screen shot off my lap top…notice that the only icons that have unassigned keys are the pause icon and the intsa troops icon…the same applies to desk tops keyboards…so really I see no issue with the key assignment other than there is no assigned key for the insta troops…myself if you need to pause you can courser to that easily enough…