Windows Phone 8.1: Cannot purchase gems as the 'Gem' shop is empty

I’m Windows Phone 8.1 and since version 4.0 I cannot purchase Gems. No issues with Uber Chests, Pet Chests but for gems, when I go to Shop and click on ‘Open’ for Gems to display the list gem package I can buy, the message “One moment, connecting again” is displayed (that’s the translation as I’m using the game in Dutch) and that’s it, nothing is happening. Thanks.


I think it broke quite some time before the update. I haven’t looked in the store after the update but I still have no option to buy alliance gold, unless that’s been removed.

I certainly hope that it’s not been removed as it’s vital to have a ton of gold for the Conquest mode. Having a lot of gold and earning it fast is extremely important

Also, Xerxes, you should put in a support ticket and give them the information that you posted here. Hopefully you can get this problem fixed

How about joining 2018…?

I had win8.1,win10 phones,played this on both. Have to say even with 10 there’s many problems. 8.1 is mostly unsupported these days in many things,10 on more all the time and limited apps available.

Android ?

?windows 8:1 and gems