Windows Subscription

Hi Flare team…  @Nikko @flaretara @Flothaboss

I have a question regarding subscription for Windows user… I suppose a lot of people waiting for this…Also in my alliance . When can we expect subs on Windows???

Thanks for answer  in Advance…

In the meantime…if you have your account in 2 different devices, you can do your subscription in the android device and then have the sub in Windows.

Thanks for advice bro :slight_smile: .  But still some people only with 1 device in use (with Win ) :grinning:

If you are only on windows you can’t spent money.  The biggest advantage you have?

Of course u can spend money bro…gems u can buy anyway :grinning: :wink:

Meaning subscriptions, cost lot of money for getting less advantage.  With daily gempackage and free videos you make progress fast enough.???.


OK bro …I understand u .but for some people is maybe nothing .It deepens how much u earn :grinning: Possibility must be there…and people should decide for itself

The only subscription that is worth buying is the alliance subscription, but only when at least 50 persons buy it.  Than it is the cheapest way to get gems ( you got 15k gems for 50€) and a hugh advantage in daily gold donations.  The richt alliances  (vanguard and todes) have that allready figured out.

The Windows platform itself does not support subscriptions for their apps, this is why the game doesn’t offer subscriptions on Windows platforms. If you’d like more details, please submit a request to our support team: 

The hell is with those quotes in other languages? I’m seeing more and more of this on the forum.

You can use a android emulator for windows. Not good for playing, but should be (relatively) easy to set up to buy subscriptions.

Yeah.Strange thing. I wrote it in English but quote is in Dutch…

Thanks for answer @Archimedes . But my question is if @flare will try to do sth with it …or we never get subs on Windows platform and this topic is ended???

I don’t know what Flare could do, if a platform itself doesn’t support subsciriptions at all then not much to do I guess. 

Personally I like it, I’m not bothered by all the additional subs buttons here and there :wink:

It may be more of the type of subscription.

O365 is a subscription so its not that its not there … it may not support them on a free app.