Windows to Android

I’m playing on Windows (I still have an old Windows phone). When I transition to Android, how can I do that and still keep my game history as I’m sure Google won’t allow me to open their game with a Microsoft account (which I’m currently using).

From the FAQ:

Video guide:


hello @Tomaxo, I have the game on a windows pc and recently I switched from a lumia (windos mobile) to android, I wonder if you can keep the same account so I can connect both from pc and android with are on the move

Yes vasudeva1 you can do so.

I mean I am using same accounts both on my windows phone and android phone.

please tell me how I should do, I want to keep my account both on windows pc and on android phone

Start a new account on your new device and play to the point where you can access the settings menu. Once you can do that, choose the link option from settings on your original device. It will give you a code to enter in the new device. Have both devices with you because you have to do it fast. 

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As dumpster said. and I play the game on my Android phone and Windows pc with same progress, it’s a great inbuilt feature.

Yes, at the end of the FAQ that I linked above, it says:

Please note that your account will remain available on your previous device as stated here: Security reminder about transferred accounts