windows user login on start screen

hi flares, I was thinking about something and gonna share with you. A lots of players are using windows phone and we all guys know due to restriction we can not login another account. What if you do some changes in server like a player who are using windows phone, can login with their email id & password directly from the game start screen? is it possible? So windows user also can play more than one account. Thanks


noooooo we don’t want that i don’t even have a windows phone but i still don’t want that

A long time ago - idk if this is still true today - Flaregames said you were not allowed to play more than one account at a time. Trading/selling/buying accounts was not permitted; if you did any of these activities they would refrain from giving you any customer support.

Like I said, idk if this is still true today - and I think it isn’t, as they made it extremely easy to do on Android - gave you a button for it - but this was the reason one could not before. Although, of course, it was still fairly easy before the the introduction of the button on Android, one only had to clear the app’s cache, then when opening the app again choose a different google account. 

Also, the reason this used to be a rule was people were creating hundreds of new accounts and then scrolling on their main account to give them unlimited gems. This would do two things: give the player an unfair advantage in the game - everything was free; and also take up a ton of extra server space for accounts that would never be used again after they were cleared of gems.