Windows Users (Shortcuts)

For windows users are there any keyboard shortcuts for this game? Thank you

Yes: (These may or may not work with the numbers on the number pad; I don’t know for certain)


Q for hero scream

1 for your first unit

2 for your second unit

3 for your third unit

5 for your first spell

6 for your second spell

7 for your third spell

9 for your first scroll

0 for your second scroll


As of now there are no keyboard controls for your king.

Moreover i wanna add that the game helps you with these shortcut because near the spell/unit/scroll is written the number of the keyboard that you have to press.


Other 2 interesting things are:

  • Left click and right click have the same function, so you can skip with one and also with the other button;
  • You can use the Escape button to “skip” for example after a raid or you “go back” to a windows before (it has the function of the green back arrow).

Oh and one other thing I forgot - sorry! - the Backspace button, if pressed during a raid, will do the same thing as hit the pause button, and if hit again will quit the raid. I do not suggest ever hitting Backspace twice in a row unless you really want to quit in the middle of a raid.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

The shortcuts and control options for this game are slim to none.

Its limitations are by design and ill explain but first. lets talk solutions…


My solve is an upgrade to a middle of the road gaming keyboard. You can pick one up for about 75 bucks if you shop around and it will be worth every penny. Reassignment of the spells and troops to memory keys (mine has 18 of them) moves all the action off the keyboard and under your fingertips. no more looking down to hunt and peck. and no more accidental gem donations by hitting dang scroll by mistake. The michanical keys (think old typewriter) on gaming keyboards give that ‘tactical feel’ as well.

writing a macro that deploys an entire wave of troops in a single click also relaxes the stress of a raid.

no more mashing out knight spam for you! set it and forget it.


The other struggle you may have noticed playing on Windows is the custom mouse arrow design. with Its grey color and rounded edges, its easy to loose it in the falling snow or fireworks of a raid… sending your king to walk in circles or worse, popping an unwanted scroll.

The solve is to make your normal mouse arrow a huge, non-earthtone color like purple and keeping the app out of full screen mode (or the grey one is force fed to you by default)


I know what your thinking now. WHy dont they simply add control options?

Dont bother asking FG to give us normal control options eather. Fallow me down the rabbit hole…

here, you will only find the bureaucracy of Windows user discrimonation in full effect! for they intend to keep the game on the phone if at all possible. U see,

As a smart phone app, RR2 shines as an award winning jewel among an endless sea of pud. Stacked in your pile of xbox games, it dont look like much…


If you know another reason why they dont give control options, im all ears