Windows Users

So I run on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1.1 and I was hoping to get my account onto the PC as well as my phone, I don’t use I-Cloud :angry:

Time to throw away windows phone…

Kipps If this is your so called Wisdom then get out of the this thread, I posted this for HELP, not butheads to go talking **** about my things.

Unfortunately, one drive tie up is not available on Windows phone where as Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT both support it. I guess till windows phone 10 you many not have this option. Unfortunately that is the status as of today and many like you and me are waiting for the same.

Better move platforms

Why want to move platform?I changed to Lumia 1020 and it run more smoothly than Samsung galaxy 3.

feedback for transfer your account to PC then you can use both. there are a lot of people make this, and some ppl lose his account :slight_smile:

whats your ign? i wanna see if i can strip you…you remind me of hsmk

better move platforms is like hsmk? lol only top10 people care much about trophies

no your kinda a asshole :slight_smile:

I’m sure his ign is Kipps7587 rank ~ 50.  Have fun! lots of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

ill check it out im ranked 171 right now so its possible


well checked twice kipps you all your towers maxed?


still think your a ass clown

I use both WP8 and Android 4.4. My Lumia 1520 would disagree with Kipps, and its obvious he hasn’t tried Windows Phone any time in the last year.


I honestly don’t use tapjoy, nor do I switch between my android phone and tablet. I play on my 1520 and on my HTC M8 - that’s enough for me

im an ass clown? just because i gave a clear way to actually slove a problem? windows is a pretty hopeless platform

hahahaha why do this @kipps

Windows is hopeless. Some people actually followed what I said and moved to a different platform.

ok you keep going into threads about windows issues and just keep repeating that its hopeless move on thats what makes you a ass clown :slight_smile:


its not so bad that you suggest this its downright annoying that you keep posting it…fuck off people play on windows and want it fair shit happens you dont have to post “better change devices” every couple of posts

What price do windows users pay against android/IOS for a 20,000 gem pack. I have been told windows is cheaper, maybe as an offset?

what do you pay?

and its marked as 89.99