Winner of war loses a lot of troops, even more than loser

Following situation, we won a huge fight and before the war started we already did research “Remaining troops (Lost War) 30%”. 

Our players had 350 troops assigned. If we lose that would mean we would keep 105 troops assigned after losing. However… we win the huge war and surprise, after being victorious, remaining troops are even lower than in case we would have lost. I noticed that I had 75 troops remaining after winning the war. How is it possible that we end with less troops after a victory, in comparison with a loss scenario? That totally makes no sense.

After a victory, remaining troops should at least be higher than after a defeat. 

That (losing troops even on a win) is just a way to prevent/delay a winning alliance from steamrolling past the losing alliance.

Once a big squad loses a fight, thousands of troops are lost and they’re very very hard (expensive) to replace.


I think that a losing alliance should always remain with some troops by default. The tech would then bring that % to 40-50%.

Troops are only required to prevent or gain SV. So I think remaining troops after a win should never be lower than during a loss. 

I do agree losing a huge portion of the troops during a huge fight is fair, but it should be in proportion and never be more than during a defeat.