Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

Happy Halloween! ??

The advisor is happy to announce the winners of the spooky contest. We have received so many awesome…ahem spooky submissions that it was hard to choose. So we decided to add some additional prizes!?

  • We have picked 1x **1st place (5000 gems), 2x 2nd places (**each **** 4000 gems), and 3x 3rd places ( each 3000 gems). Also , we have chosen 5 honorable mentions that will receive 500 gems each.
  • And every other participant will receive 100 gems (if the IGN was mentioned and the post was within the guidelines).
  • The gems will be transferred in the course of today.

Are you ready? Here we go!

  • First place: Darkerion! ?Your drawing is really extraordinary. Bucky makes for such a cute witch.

  • Second places:.Lilium. and Fghostlight ! ?Ladies, we were blown away by your artistic talent!

        (names listed in the order of the pictures)

Congratulations to everyone who won!! Awesome job guys!!! ??

Grats to you! :slight_smile:


Congrats for all winners !

We can go crying together @LordBarnot 

Thanks all , Even if i havent Win im happy to have partecipated,  remember to always grow your hobby :grinning:

Yay! I’m so happy ? congrats to all participants too! 

I was busy with conquest and festival but after received 100 gems i knew right away our dear Madlen have give out more tier reward for us so i have to check forums right away. Good work everyone !


I have transferred all gems. Congratulations again. :slight_smile:

How I looked doing this:

How I felt:


Congrats to all winners and participants.

Thanks a ton Madlen and Royal Revolt 2 Team, I’m very happy that I came 3rd and got 3000 gems. Thanks again. Have a great day ?

Congrats to all winners!??:v:

I delete my pic because no Photoshop or Paint Picture is rewarded … next time please write down better rules … trick or treat was nice or  Yokas pic too.

Please note it next time.

OMG!!! ?


Congratulations to everyone!!! As Flare decided to reward all participants, so we all are winners  :grinning:

And thanks very much Flare team for picking my entry as the 1st place!

Maybe they did not take into account our works just cuz of possible copyright issues. I used 2 pictures from www to create my drawn. There was no copyright on these two pictures but you never know. Also the shoes were nice but converse trademark was too much visible.

I agree with @Jesper. Please give us better written rules next time. Thanx. 

me too  …

i create some own thinks like Background and use flaregames artwork material, only the pumpkin comes from a side, a side with free Backgrounds, free for all. I believe i used more time then a pencel drawing and try to bring a story on the picture. -> be creative, was the rule … be creative without pc  :grinning: have been the rule… next time i will not invest many time in such a Event ? thats the consequence.