Winning 3rd place with -1 Tile >:D

Strange Victory Indeed!


Congrats to Blade Storm winning 3rd place by losing 1 tile and earning over a million skulls!!!  :sunglasses:


(Fun Fact - it is possible to win something in war with only 2 tiles  :stuck_out_tongue:





Hello Korea had the same this season, two alliances finished with 8 fiefs, they had 2 left and all others were eliminated.

Side note - How the fish did we get matched with India who’s 60/60 when the rest of us are 44/44, 41/41, 43/43, 38/38 and 35/35 respectively ?!?!?



They were bleeding fiefs for quite sometime now, for alliance upgrade nd i think went from 51/55 to 60/60 in a few weeks, activating none or just one boost. I know because I hv been attacking em for medals! :slight_smile:

Seldom I try ur base too but it has always proved too strong for me!!