Winning A Ninja Event Battle in less than 40 seconds

Enjoy :wink:  


It clearly shows how useless is putting 30 levels in the ninja event where the first 10 can be done in 1min



I actually like it because I can use my farmer gear, complete levels and then use gold gear and farm gold outside the event gg ez :slight_smile:  

How is this topic helpful to others ?


not everything is supposed to be helpful. I posted it as a funny video. I shouldn’t be able to defeat an island that quickly

take 3 offensive spells nd you are quicker…

shield isn’t useful for speed

yeah, you’re right, I just had shield equipped without thinking about it. Thanks for pointing that out

U keep this up and our speed gear is going to magically disappear one day. What is your speed %.

Huh? Not sure what you mean, could you explain?

I have 104% speed, so, just 100% lol

I think they mean whenever someone complains or boasts on the forum something gets nerfed

Yeah that is why some things I just don’t mention

in lower tier the 20 first are too much easier but that allow you to use different thing and have fun. with my previous account I have fun to use Fire aura Ring and destroy all alone without any troops. Easy 100% and Rank 1 in tier 3000

you can also try other thing like win a Ninja Event with farm gear or gold gear. Win a Ninja Event with only defense spells Shield and Heal and don’t use the third one,etc…

Let it Go~♪ Let it Go~♪

You glanced nicely :stuck_out_tongue:

The next challenge is・・・ Please keep the king relaxing in the tent :wink:

Certainly will try that :grinning:  

Both of these sound like fun :wink: