Winning a War



I just wanted to get a thread going about winning a war.  Is the point to get more skulls than the other team?  If so, when I win, say 500 skulls, why does my alliance “skull count” only go up by 10 or so?  The alliance name is Panda Haters.  When I look at war standings it shows hat I’ve only claimed 1600 skulls but then when I go to attack enemies I can see the list of skulls I’ve won and it’s like 6K - about 500 skulls per member in the attacking alliance and I’ve successfully defeated 11 members.

Firstly , to win a war of singel fiefdoms you need to get more skulls than the opponent


2nd , to win the war season you need to have the most fiefdoms at the end of day 5


3rd , only your best 3 raids (meaning 3 highest number of skulls) will count as full , the other raids you do will only give 2% bonus from the total skull offered


So here it is important to conquer as many fiefdoms possible but remember that in the 2nd season you will end up with probably 5 more fiefdoms than before and paired with tougher/bigger alliances


The highest skulls per members that I saw till now in my alliance is around 2500 (1700 full skulls , 800 bonus skulls) the guy attack every single player of the opposition team (60 players) 

We started the last war 8 hours later than we should, what happens if the War Season end while we are still fighting for a fiefdom?

We were planning to attack the strongest alliance(tied with us) tomorrow.

But we would have 1 less war than other alliances so we would need to attack the strongest now

i would guess that your 5th war will take a shorter duration instead of the normal 23hr 30min 

Ya, so do we take over a fiedom if we have 11hrs. left until the attack is over, but 4 hrs left until the season is over.

Would we actually claim it if we had more skulls or would it just end there and no conclusion is made ?

I don’t know that and probably except flaregames nobody knows this yet for sure (as nobody has completed a full season yet). 


But I have seen in their preview video on facebook that you can’t declare a new war when the rest time of season is below a certain threshold - i.e. you can’t start a new war with 10 minutes remaining. 

However, I don’t know how long this threshold is.