Winning Caves without boost or insta-troops?

Anyone here beating high level caves without boosts or insta troops? On XVIII now and any advice going forward would be good on how you are getting through these caves without all the help.

xv111 what?    

Anyway, you can get through a lot with lots of forging… but obviously that takes time?

I would see if you can visit a alliance to use their boosts  . you can always do them again if you like without.

send me a friend request after war and you can visit with us to get it done :grinning:


Maybe with a lot of gems? using your scrolls and resurrections but that’s a bad idea. Try visit a high level alliance that have high level elite boost to help you conquer that cave. My alliance is still low level and there’s not much elite boost available atm. It seems @whatsa offer is better, you can try visit his alliance, they have enough elite boost that can help you. Good Luck!


Which one? 

If you mean cave of grave goods 18, then here it is 


I know. It is not me blame Flare I have finished XXIII and XXIV and the next one in line is XVIII. What do you expect from Flare? Might take you up on that if I really get stuck. Was hoping to get through these with only the basics. My plan was to get to 130 then pop around lower alliances to build them up and to learn the war system.

Yes did that earlier in game and as a free player that does hit your gems. The last one XXIV only used 1 scroll at end to defeat the gate with only few seconds to spare. 

I did check the vids and all that I saw was boosted and insta which I was looking for people who have beat them with the basics. Thanks for the help to everyone and the offer.

Never realized they have labeled the dungeon so screwy with each type having its own number. Just to make things more complicated than it has to be NICE!

I have close beat one of them with no boost and no alliance. You need Knight forged at +120 and spam them. You need 100% scream. At least 20k Leadership and if you can spells forged at +20 if possible +50. Its possible maybe with the Fire Aura Ring with over 2000 damage per sec better if you have more. you need too at least 60% speed

I have make a test in one of them in Cave of Grave good 18 or Vein of Gold 22 near the Grotesque Grotto V. I have succeed more easily without boost and nothing vs with boost. I don’t know why but I have play better without boost. Maybe because that was my routine in level 107 to play alone without nothing I guess I have develop my style this way

You need knight,Mummy and the third I don’t remember froster and forged like crazy and spells forged at +20 or more and construct a huge army. You need tammy at level 7+. My spells if I remember I have use Hammerstrike,Firestorm and Sonic Blast. When I was level 107 I have spells perk for each spells like 3 or 4 for each. So my Sonic have do 20k damage, Hammerstrike 10k and Firestorm 13K all maxed. If you have more power its better

Just for you i think I will keep my dungeon and wait to be level 100 and doing it in solo without boost

Whatsago is part of my team, we have some boosts 24/7. With those you should be able to beat that level. We have ogre, knights, cannons plus wolf boosted nd at the moment still dracomancer plus frenzies. Dracomancers help you beat most dungeons. Beasts don’t survive them.

So after war season, visit us. Then you can beat that dungeon.

All old dungeons (upto wolf 4)are doable without boosted troops but new dungeons are not. You just have to use right spells and gears to beat them. When raiding with unboosted troops try to keep spell perks of the spells that you use in your gear and double or triple speed perks. Leadership and scream are not important imo in this case. 

I beat Cave of goods XVIII without boosts (as I did every other cave up to this point) but don’t remember how, I tackle dungeons in spurts.

I did it with my usual set up (at least usual then) of monks, cannons and arblasters, I think, plus blizzard, firestorm and…shield? Oh, and Kaiser. No scrolls and not extravagant forging (20-minus levels).

Got stuck on the next vein of gold, need to try again sometime, after all this war crap is over.

Just like JiggleFizziks, I’ve done this dungeon at the time without boosts.

My set up at the time I think it was the following:

Units:  Cannons, Frosters and Monks
Spells: Blizzard, Shield and Firestorm
Pal:      Kaiser

The frosters may sound stupid, but really helped me keep the enemy units on that “U” turn.
The blizzard was useful with its high range, because it could kill the Gargoyle Tower in 2 hits.

My advice would be to keep upgrading your units/spells, until it feels right to you. (cliché I know  )

Trust me, Black Magic is THE Key to every Dungeon-Level.

That is funny, not with mine think it is still at like level 1. 

I think he means a maxed (or almost maxed) Black Magic  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I do. Level 1 spells are only used in Pro League.  :wink:

You should really invest in this spell, it works very good.

Black Magic is useless if your alliance don’t have elite boost troops that you copy. Still, join a high level alliance that have elite boost activated is the best option.

Have you ever raced through a dungeon without trying to destroy everything and taking gate at around 95% plus will it give you the dungeon as complete like in regular play?

I was almost to gate but stopped at the last tower to destroy like idiot and time ran out instead of me going inside and scrolling gate.