Winning strong bases is easy.

I’m afraid to say something like that, because Flaregames can take the game from one extreme to another and that’s not what I want.Well I’m really noticing 100% full invasion bases without using scrolls by Kings of relatively low levels this is bad for both sides, players and Flaregames.The game needs to be a bit more difficult to invade bases full. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Snake Tower need to increase the range to prevent kings pass freely without suffering damage. 

  • Tower Firebolt need another level it is currently very weak.



This would also help to generate many new bases structures.

The game really needs Fire damage and effective poison.But I repeat please Flaregames not take the game from one extreme to another making radical changes, be cautious I just trying to make the game better.

Snakes are really useless if u can just run past them.


And firebolts need to do more damage at high levels. The damage is basically nothing.

How about another game created by flare which is rr2 hardcore where you can double almost everything in defenses(and maybe offense as well) such as double time,morale,towers etc.

I think if you are talking about changes for the lower levels that it is pretty well balanced down there say under 4000 or so trophies is pretty good. I can’t speak for over 4000 personally but the avoiding snake towers is a tactic, just because everyone in the higher ranks knows how to do it doesn’t take away from it is still a learned skill. If you really want to change things up and make snake towers viable again slightly increasing their range would do just that if their next new level gives them enough range where you cannot avoid it that would change the game a lot I think.

Snake Towers don’t have enough range for 1 path.

It is the second to last tower we can unlock so it should be able to cover at least 1 square of path.

I like both of the suggestions but I think it does need Jason’s spin on it for the lower level’s sake.


enough players already rush to firebolt/snake/skull towers. the snake tower would become drastically overpowered if the range increase was not unlocked past level 9


so really what we are asking for flare, is new construction plans for firebolt and snake towers, you choose how far to take it (level 12,13,14)

Why ask new firebolt tower levels when they can directly increase the damage ?

However imo increase the range of 1 snake tower of 1 path, i don’t know much much could make a base difficult, because even if they leave the range of snake tower as it is or they increase, i can take my shield and no problem for it…so i don’t see this big change.

Actually I think this is a very good idea. we need more tower to be viable at higher game play.


We should make damage higher for all types of towers but the cost increase to reflect and help restrict to kings at varying levels so that a lower king wouldn’t be able to get a tower that could skew the game at lower levels.


More viable towers = more base variations


Its a quick fix without having to create more units, more tower types and which direction they face.

I dont think increasing snake tower range would help when king that are shielded basically immune to poison damage , agree that firebolt need more damage output maybe even boost but I personally use more firebolt than skull tower in my base.


I dont know why you said beating strong base is easy but thats not the case for majority of players.What I do know is that scream boost made this beating tough base possible consistently.I struggle to win without enough scream boost.I would however welcome an addition to make defence slightly harder but not impossible because so far wando you have complaint on two things :


  1. defence too hard 2) defence too weak


I guess harder is better ?


If you are hoping for many new base structure then I am sorry but I dont see that happening unless theres major changes to defence layout because you know , once people discover the best structure they will copy.

Well, I just trying to bring two elite towers back in the game to because I wanted to use them, but you know Firebot only has the utility to prevent 100% and torrre serpent was simply abandoned.a greater diversity of blunt damage to bases in my opinion will make the game more balanced.I agree that one does not need updates just a correction.Simply increasing range of the snake to 3.5.And increase the damage of the Firebolt.

I disagree. Beating strong bases is not easy for most players. Actually many think that defense is way too overpowered compared to offense, making these towers better would only make defense even worse, because players already grape that it’s impossible to get a 100% raid without using scrolls. Also, Snake Tower and Firebolt Tower are already the toughest towers in the game, you even called them “elite”, and making the best towers even better would make a bigger unbalance between them and the other towers who are rarely used in bases (people have suggested to make those towers better instead).

@karman what level are you?


firebolt and snake are NOWHERE near as tough as skull towers

 With large army of units the current damage of firebolt towers is not enough.

It would be good if higher level firebolt tower starts throwing fireballs like doomgate does.This causes more area damage and make them more useful.

But i guess it would be overpowered then :slight_smile:

I’m tired of people telling me my level is not enough to know the reality of the game. Well, I do know the reality, at least the one of my level. (Skulls never hit me)

Also, even when Firebolt and Snake are not stronger than Skull, they’re tougher than the rest of the towers…

I feel like strong bases are easier to win due to the lack of variety or different designs in the kingdoms defense… Also once you get to that level it only gets easier because you have acquired enough experience and skill to avoid your King from harm, so I feel like adding more upgrades to your defenses shouldn’t happen just yet, but it would help if everyone started thinking of more kingdom designs and have variety than having a bunch of look a-likes, which inevitable become a lot easier over time, because your not fighting anything different… If someone gets through, re-construct your defenses to something a little stronger once you find the problem. This will help increase the difficulty of strong kingdoms, because no one is a copy-cat now



@karman I simply asked you a question, I was curious to see what stage of the game you felt that way.


you stated “snake tower and firebolt tower are already toughest towers in the game” I was correcting your statement

I remember a while ago flaregames rebalanced firebolt tower strength… lvl 1 fb got +65% strength (attack, hp), and lvl 9 fb got -5% strength. I never quite understood that move.

I’d be fine when the -5% for max fb would be reverted at least - levelling up firebolts currently makes not enough strength difference anymore, IMHO: Before the rebalance, the relative strength of a lvl 9 fb was about 4x as strong as lvl 1 fb, currently it’s rather 2.5x only. 


For suggestions about increased tower range for snake (and also the currently totally useless frost and gargoyle) towers, take a look e.g. at this topic here:

And as already stated there, I agree, a larger snake tower range should be tied to higher tower levels (either additional new levels, or current high/max lvl), and not be given from the start lvl 1. And while the argument “use shield spell!” might limit the gains from larger snake range, it would still be some improvement, and potentially useful for at least certain spots/situations, making it usable at least in smaller numbers, giving them a valid place in high lvl bases. 

as far as the sugestions go im neither for or against but I do enjoy the random aspect of difference and being a low level player I obviously don’t comprehend higher level issues  but weather its called tricks or skill in beating or getting past these towers does it not have anything to do with combination and strategic placement meaning if the difference between firebolt 1 & 9 is an increase of 2.5% is the normal tower on max grade a better choice. just curious as iv purposely kept one in my defence to gauge just that. or have I gone way off topic

A simple addition that could make a difference in terms of base strength is granting extra slots in your waves, currently we are allowed 8 slots, which is OK as long as you add a monster or two. Maybe letting us use 10 or 12 slots would make us able to create more variety and make use of more ‘cheaper’ troops in our waves. I’m not talking about us having to pay and upgrade the slots btw, just be given them … I think Flare had enough out of us paying for the moral points in the first place.